Having a lurk command on your stream is a great way to have viewers let you know that they are watching. Some people don’t want to come in and chat on your stream, they just want to watch for entertainment and that is completely fine. If you have a lurk command enabled they can let you know that they do not want to be bothered. Let’s jump in and show you how to setup a lurk command using the Stream Elements chat bot.

How To Set Up !Lurk Command On Twitch

To set up the Lurk command on Twitch you will need to use a third party chat bot. In this tutorial we will be using Stream Elements.

Step 1 – Make StreamElements A Mod In Your Channel

If you have not already made Streamelements a mod on your channel you will need to this before any commands or auto moderation will work. To do this open up your Twitch channel and navigate to Profile Picture –> Creator Dashboard –> Chat Box.

In the chat box type /mod streamelements

This will mod the Streamelements chat bot in your chat allowing you to use commands on in your stream.

Step 2 – Create A Custom Lurk Command

Unfortunately there is no lurk command built into Stream Elements so we will have to create a custom command. To do this open up your Stream elements dashboard and navigate to Chat Bot –> Chat Commands –> Custom Commands.

In this section we are able to create our own custom command from scratch.

We want the Lurk command to be triggered when someone types !lurk in the chat. To do this set the Command name to !lurk.

User level should be set to “Everyone” allowing anyone to use the lurk command in your stream.

The response section is what will be displayed when a user prompts the !lurk command. Below is a template you can use. Feel free to change this to be in line with your brand.

Lurk Template:

${user} is here but he’s Lurking! Thank you SO MUCH for watching! ${random.emote}

Copy and paste this into the response section and select Activate command. Your lurk command is now active on your stream ready for users to show you that they are watching!

Wrapping Up

Your lurk command should now be set up and ready to use for your viewers. Just because people aren’t chatting doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy your content. If someone states that they are lurking leave them be and let them enjoy your stream in peace.

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