Multipurpose bots on Discord are a great way of making sure that your server can get all the automatic moderation it needs while simultaneously having something fun to do at all times. There are many different bots on Discord with their specific purposes, such as playing music or adding a currency system to your server.

However, there are also bots that fulfill a variety of roles, like the one we’re talking about right now – Pancake Bot. Pancake is a multipurpose bot that has a currency system, music playing capabilities, as well as general moderation functions.

We’re going to tell you how to set this fantastic bot up and give you some of the most useful commands so you can start enjoying it right away!

How To Add Pancake Bot To Discord

When it comes to adding any bot to Discord, the process is amazingly simple and it will not take longer than a few minutes, max. This is mostly because Discord is a modern platform that values the user experience more than anything and wants you to be able to change massive aspects of your servers at a moment’s notice. Here’s how to add Pancake Bot to Discord:

  1. First, go to Pancake Bot’s official site and click on the large Invite button
  1. In the new window that opens, just select your server and click on Continue
  1. In the next window, select all of the boxes and click on Authorize

After that, you will be redirected to the Pancake site where you will be thanked for adding the bot. As you can see, the process is literally just a few clicks and now you should have full access to one of the best bots on Discord! You don’t even need to restart Discord, the bot will just be there immediately.

Pancake Bot Commands

Now we get to the part of the bot you will be using most often. Commands allow you to tell the bot what to do in your server, from playing games to moderating other users. This massively decreases the amount of work you have to do and makes your overall Discord experience more enjoyable. Keep in mind that the prefix for bot commands is p!. If you don’t add the prefix in front of every command, it won’t work.

Currency Commands

This batch of commands deals with currency within the server, as well as ways to acquire currency, such as playing games or having the admins add currency to users.

  • p! addbalance – adds currency to a user (admin only)
  • p! balance – displays your current balance
  • p! blackjack – stakes your balance in a game of blackjack
  • p! buy – purchases items from the store
  • p! claimrewards – claims the reward you get for voting for the bot
  • p! daily – gives you your daily reward
  • p! deposit – stores your balance in the bank
  • p! fish – starts a fishing minigame where you can win items and money
  • p! give – gives your balance to another user
  • p! giveitem – gives one of your items to another user
  • p! highlow – starts a game of high-low with the bot for money
  • p! inventory – displays your inventory
  • p! iteminfo – displays the information of an item
  • p! leaderboard – displays the server leaderboard for net worth
  • p! lottery – starts a lottery for a user to win big
  • p! removebalance – removes the balance of a user (admin only)
  • p! resetbalance – reset the balance of a user
  • p! rob – attempts to rob a user for a portion of their money
  • p! russianroulette – starts a game of Russian roulette among interested users
  • p! sell – sells an item from your inventory in the store
  • p! shop – displays the server shop
  • p! slots – starts a game of slots for money
  • p! trivia – asks you questions of varying difficulty for a chance to earn money
  • p! use – uses an item
  • p! withdraw – takes money out of the bank for you to use
  • p! work – starts a work minigame to earn money

Fun Commands

The following commands are related to fun minigames and bot interaction for some jokes. They are meant to be used for casual hangouts and whatnot.

  • p! 8ball – makes the magic 8Ball answer a question
  • p! akinator – starts playing with the popular Akinator guesser
  • p! bigtext – increases the size of your text
  • p! coinflip – flips a coin with the bot
  • p! embed – embeds the text your enter
  • p! fml – displays a random quote from
  • p! higherlower – starts a game of higher/lower with the bot
  • p! roast – roasts a specified user
  • p! say – makes the bot say something
  • p! ship – ships two users on the server
  • p! xkcd – displays a random comic from

Image Commands

These commands are just for sending some funny images into the channel you’re in. They are a great way of expressing yourself and having a bit of fun!

  • p! beautiful – makes a Gravity Falls meme with your avatar
  • p! birb – displays an image of a bird
  • p! byemom – makes a “bye mom” meme with your avatar
  • p! cat – displays an image of a cat
  • p! meme – displays a random meme
  • p! dog – displays an image of a dog
  • p! f – makes a “press F to pay respects” meme with your avatar
  • p! facts – makes a “facts” meme with the text you enter
  • p! gmagik – adds a distortion effect to the last image you sent
  • p! illegal – makes an animated Donald Trump meme with the text you enter
  • p! sepia – makes your image sepia
  • p! saturate – increases the saturation of your image
  • p! darken – darkens your image
  • p! brighten – brightens your image
  • p! invert – inverts your image
  • p! grayscale – puts your image into grayscale
  • p! implode – makes a selected image implode
  • p! explode – makes a selected image explode
  • p! magik – improves the look of your image
  • p! present – makes a reveal meme with your avatar
  • p! kiss – creates a kissing message between you and another user
  • p! hug – creates a slapping image between you and another user
  • p! slap – creates a slapping image between you and another user
  • p! cry – displays a crying GIF/image with a message
  • p! smile – displays a smiling image with a message
  • p! blush – displays a blushing image with a message
  • p! lewd – shames you for being lewd
  • p! weebsh – creates an anime GIF with your chosen type of weeb
  • p! wizard – creates an “I’m a wizard” meme with your avatar

Info Commands

General informational commands that display stats and details about the server.

  • p! avatar – displays a larger version of a user’s avatar
  • p! donate – displays information about Pancake Premium
  • p! help – displays all commands
  • p! invite – displays the invitation URL for Pancake
  • p! ping – displays Pancake’s latency
  • p! roleinfo – displays more information about a role
  • p! serverinfo – displays guild information
  • p! stats – displays Pancake statistics
  • p! support – displays an invite to Pancake’s support server
  • p! userinfo – displays user information

Level Commands

  • p! level – displays your current level
  • p! levelcalculator – tells you how much you need for the next level
  • p! levelleaderboard – displays a level leaderboard
  • p! levelmessages – makes the channel send level-up messages
  • p! levelroles – grants roles with levels
  • p! resetlevel – resets the levels of a user
  • p! userlevelsettings – allows you to change a level’s image
  • p! xpchannel – enables XP acquisition in a channel
  • p! xp – manipulate how much XP users have

Moderation Commands

Commands meant for mods and admins to deal with unwanted behavior and troublesome users.

  • p! ban – bans a user
  • p! clearinfractions – clears all of the infractions a user has
  • p! duration – changes the duration of a ban
  • p! infractions – displays all of the infractions of a user
  • p! kick – kicks a user from the server
  • p! mute – mutes a user
  • p! purge – purges a set amount of messages
  • p! reason – displays a reason for the modlog case
  • p! removeinfractions – removes an infraction
  • p! softban – soft bans a user from the server
  • p! unban – unbans a user
  • p! unmute – unmutes a user
  • p! vckick – kicks a user from the voice channel
  • p! warn – issues a warning to a user

Settings Commands

This is another batch of commands meant to adjust the server settings and help you manage the users on the server.

  • p! lockdown – locks the channel or server from talking
  • p! channeltoggle – toggles the usage of commands in a channel
  • p! currencysettings – changes the currency commands
  • p! customreplies – customizes custom replies
  • p! deletelog – creates a channel for deleted messages to go
  • p! editlog – creates a channel for edited messages to go
  • p! farewell – makes the channel send farewell messages
  • p! forceend – forcibly closes any games currently running
  • p! greeting – makes the channel send greeting messages
  • p! itemsetup – sets up the shop
  • p! lotterysetup – sets up the lottery
  • p! modlog – sets the channel to log moderation actions
  • p! perms – designates permissions
  • p! prefix – changes the bot’s prefix
  • p! setcurrency – sets up a custom currency
  • p! togglenowplaying – toggles “now playing” messages

Music Commands

These commands are for playing various music tracks and adding a bit of cheer to your channel. When a music command is used, the bot will automatically join the channel you’re in.

  • p! autoplay – makes the bot automatically play tracks similar to the one playing
  • p! bassboost – changes the level of the bass boost
  • p! join – makes the bot join your channel
  • p! lyrics – displays the lyrics of a song
  • p! move – moves the song you want in the queue
  • p! nowplaying – displays the currently playing track
  • p! pause – pauses the currently playing track
  • p! play – plays a track
  • p! queue – displays the current queue
  • p! remove – removes a track from the queue
  • p! repeat – repeats the current track
  • p! resume – resumes playback
  • p! search – gives you a list of tracks to choose from on Youtube
  • p! seek – seeks through a track
  • p! shuffle – shuffles the queue
  • p! skip – skips a track
  • p! stop – stops all of the tracks and removes the bot from the server
  • p! volume – changes the volume of the tracks

Role Commands

There aren’t many of these commands as they are just meant to tweak some roles of your server members.

  • p! autorole – changes the roles users can join
  • p! getrole – gives the user a role of their choosing
  • p! reactionroles – enables a message in a channel to give roles after clicking on it
  • p! role – gives many roles to members
  • p! selfrole – changes the roles users can give themselves

Utility Commands

And the final batch of commands we have for you are related to general utility around the server that mods and admins might find a use for.

  • p! addtag – creates a new tag
  • p! botlist – displays a list of bots
  • p! calc – provides calculations
  • p! choose – chooses from a list of terms
  • p! edittag – edits a tag
  • p! embedcreate – creates a new embed
  • p! embededit – edits a present embed
  • p! giveaway – starts a giveaway on the server
  • p! notifications – toggles some notification commands
  • p! poll – starts a poll on your server
  • p! removetag – removes a tag
  • p! reroll – rerolls the giveaway message for a new winner
  • p! suggest – makes a suggestion
  • p! tag – executes a created tag
  • p! translate – translates between languages
  • p! urban – displays a definition from Urban Dictionary

How To Remove Pancake Bot From Discord

Removing a bot from a server is extremely simple and can be done in a few seconds. All you have to do is to right-click on Pancake in the member list of your Discord server and click on Kick Pancake. If you want to permanently remove the bot and keep it from being added again, just click on Ban Pancake.

Why Is Pancake Bot Not Working?

Most of the time, any bot that is not responding on a server is probably undergoing maintenance and the servers are down. Check in with the bot’s official server to see its status. In most cases, the bot shouldn’t be down for more than a few hours.

Wrapping Up

And that’s all we have to say about Pancake Bot and the best way to use it! Since it’s a multi-purpose bot you can expect it to fit into any server and perform well without issues. We sincerely hope that you have found all of the information you were looking for and that all of your questions have been answered!

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