Have you ever been streaming and another streamer has been kind enough to help you out. Whether they have raided your channel with a ton of viewers or maybe they just give you a helping hand in the game you’re playing. You may want to give them a shoutout to your audience, as a thank you. Creating a shoutout command in Nightbot is a quick and easy way to direct your viewers over to their channel.

In this tutorial we are going to show you to set up the !shoutout command on your channel using Nightbot. Let’s jump in and get started.

How To Set Up !Shoutout Command On Twitch

To set up the Shoutout command on your Twitch channel you will need to use a third party bot. In this tutorial we will be using nightbot. If you haven’t already created a nightbot account head over to Nightbot and create one.

Step 1 – Mod Nightbot

To ensure that night bot works on our channel we will have to first mod Night bot in our chat. This allows it to pull necessary information from your channel and return it in chat.

To mod night bot head over to Twitch and open you Twitch channel. To do this navigate to your Profile Picture –> Creator Dashboard –> Chat Box.

In the chat box type /mod nightbot

This will mod the Night bot chat bot in your chat allowing you to use commands in your stream.

Step 2 – Add A Custom Command In Night Bot (Shoutout)

In Night bot navigate to Commands –> Custom –> Add Command.

We now have to create our command. There is a few different options we need to fill in.

Command – This is what you will type into chat to activate the command. For shoutout out !so in this box.

Message – In the message section we need to add some code which returns the users channel that you are shouting out. I have added the code for you below so you can copy and paste it into your Nightbot. Feel free to customise it for your stream.

Go check out $(touser) at Twitch.tv/$(touser)

Userlevel – This determines who can actually use this command. Obviously with a shoutout you do not want all of your viewers to be able to use it. You really only want you or mods to be able to use it. Set this to Moderator.

Cooldown – Cooldown on a command like this doesn’t really matter as it can only be used by moderators.

Alias – You can leave this blank.

We can now test the command on our stream.

Step 3 – Test The Command

To test if the shoutout command is working head over to you chat and type in the !so command.

You should type !so [username] (Replace username with the streamer username you want to shout out)

As you can see below it will return the streamers username with a link directly to their Twitch channel.

Can I Use The Shoutout Command On Youtube?

Unfortunately this tutorial for the shoutout command will only work on Twitch.

Wrapping Up

You should now have the shoutout command enabled on your Twitch stream. This will make it really easy for you or a moderator to shoutout a streamer after the raid you or help you out.

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