Have you ever pulled off an insane clip on stream and wanted to replay it so your viewers can relive that epic moment again? In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to replay a 30-second clip live on your stream so you can relive those epic, clutch moments.

Let’s jump in and take a look.

How To Setup An Instant Replay

Luckily for us, there is an instant replay feature built into Streamlabs and OBS. We are going to set it up so you can use a Hot Key to trigger an instant replay on Stream.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Open Streamlabs and go to the settings tab
  2. Go to the output section
  3. Make sure you’re on Output mode Advanced
  4. Go to Replay buffer on the right-hand side
  5. Enable Replay buffer
  6. Select your maximum replay buffer (The more time the more computer resources get used)
Streamlabs Output Settings

To make sure that the replay buffer is always running in the background we need to make it start automatically when we start streaming.

To do this go to Settings –> General and scroll down to Automatically start replay buffer when streaming.

Streamlabs General Settings

This means that the replay buffer will always be active on stream so you never miss one of those insane clips. There’s nothing worse than hitting a sick clip and realizing you didn’t record.

To have the instant replay on our stream we need to add the “Instant Replay” source to our scene.

To do this go to Sources –> + –> Instant Replay –> Add Source –> Give your Instant Replay widget a name.

Streamlabs Sources

You will then see some settings for your instant replay. You can leave these as the default unless you want your clips to be sped up/slowed down or looped.

How to set up replays in Streamlabs

Your instant replay is now active on your stream.

You may also be interested in our Complete Streamlabs OBS Setup Guide.

If you want a full video tutorial check out this video guide on how to set up instant replays on Streamlabs & Twitch.

How To Trigger Instant Replay

If you have used the settings above the instant replay will automatically start when you start streaming. To trigger a replay and have it appear on stream you will need to click on the save icon to the left of the end stream button (Read below to set up a hot key).


When you hit the save button the clip will appear on screen and replay the last 20 seconds of footage. Once the clip is replaying you can adjust the size and position of the replay in your scene.

How To Set A Hot Key For Instant Replays

To get the most out of instant replays you will probably want to set a hot key to trigger the replay. To do this you can use macro keys on your keyboard or potentially even your stream deck if you have one.

Using a hotkey you are able to quickly save your clip or switch to a new scene with your replay source allowing you to set up the replay with a cool overlay.

To set up a hotkey go to settings –> Hot keys –> Save Replay –> Select Hot Key

Streamlabs Hot Keys

If you want to have more control over when you show the replay and have the ability to take the replay of your screen quickly then using a new scene for instant replays is the best option.

To do this go to Scenes –> + –> Name Your Scene Instant Replay

Add your instant replay source to this scene. You can then go into settings –> Hot keys –> Instant Replay (Scene you just Created) and create hot keys to toggle this scene on/off when you want to show a replay.

Streamlabs Instant Replay

If you make the “Show Instant Replay” key the same as the Save replay key it will play your clip and switch to the scene at the same time. You can then set a second hot key to go back to your main scene.

Check out how to set up hot keys on Streamlabs for more information.

Where Can I Find My Streamlabs Instant Replays?

When you create an instant replay the clip gets saved to your hard drive. This means that you can use these clips later for Tik Tok or Youtube helping you to grow your following.

The clips are stored in the same folder as your Streamlabs OBS recordings are stored. If you’re not sure where this is go to settings –> output –> recording and check your recording path. This is where the Instant replays are stored.

Streamlabs Recording Output

You can also open your clips in the Streamlabs editor. If you want to do any editing on your clips this is a quick and easy way to edit them. To access the highlighter go to the bar on the left-hand side of Streamlabs and select the bottom icon which looks like a Movie Cut board.

Streamlabs Highlighter

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to showcase some insane clips more than once on your stream. Enjoy having a live-action highlight real just like they do in live sports. This is a great way to up the production quality of your stream.

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