If you like having background music on your stream a great way to get your audience more involved is by allowing them to choose a song. Not only is this a great way for you and your community to bond but you’re likely to get more watch time as viewers will request a song and wait for it to be played before leaving the stream.

To add this feature to our stream we are going to be using Nightbot. Let’s look at the step by step for setting up Nightbot Song Requests.

How To Add Nightbot Song Requests To Your Stream

Step 1 – Sign Up To Nightbot & Add It To Your Stream

If you don’t already have night bot installed on your stream you will want to click here to head over to their website and create an account.

To sign up click the Sign-Up button or click the login button. You can either register with your Twitch or Youtube account depending on where you stream.

When you log in with your account you want to grant Nightbot access to your stream allowing it to execute commands (Song Requests).

You will then be presented with your Nightbot Dashboard.

On the dashboard, you will see an option in the top right to “join channel”. Click this to add Nightbot to your channel.

Make sure you go ahead and Mod Night by typing /mod night bot in your chat.

Step 2 – Enabling Song Requests Inside Night Bot

When you are in your dashboard Go to –> Song Requests –> AutoDJ

Along the top bar of Auto DJ you will see the option to ENABLE. Go ahead and select this to enable this command in your stream.

Your chat will now be able to add song requests to the queue.

To look at your queue just open up Nightbot in your browser and you will be able to see all the songs in your queue. If no one has added any songs to the queue the playlist will default to songs from either Monstercat, Channel or Twitch Audio Library depending on your settings.

How Can Chat Add Songs To The Queue In Nightbot?

If your chat wants to add a song to the queue they will need to type a command in chat.

The default command in Nightbot is:

!songrequest [Youtube URL or Name of Song]

This will then add the song to the queue.

How Can I Control My Song Queue In Nightbot?

There may be times when you want to skip or remove a song from the queue. To do that go to AutoDJ in night bot and you will be able to either delete a song from the queue by clicking the trash can icon or bumping the song up the queue by hitting the grey up arrow button.

Nightbot Song Request Command

The Night Bot song request command is !songrequest [Youtube URL or Name Of Song]. Simply enter this in chat and Night Bot will add the song to the queue.

Other Nightbot Settings To Consider

There are some other settings that you may want to consider when settings up song request with Night bot. Let’s take a look at the settings available.

To access the settings for Song Requests go to Song Requests –> Auto Dj –> Settings

General Settings

Here we can select:

User Level – This is the minimum required user-level to request a song. User levels are listed from highest to lowest.

Providers – This is where your viewers can search for songs from. I recommend leaving both Soundcloud and Youtube checked.

Playlist – This is where the bot will select songs to play from if there are no songs in the queue

Search Provider – This is where the bot will send song requests. I recommend leaving this as youtube.


In limits, we can set limits on the number of requests specific viewers can make on your stream.

Queue Length – This is the maximum amount of songs that can be stored in the queue.

Limit to Playlist – I would not recommend setting this as then viewers can’t pick songs from Youtube. If you enable this viewers will only be able to select songs from Monstercat or the Twitch Audio library.

User Limit – This is the maximum amount of songs that a user can request at any one time.

Exempt User Level – This is the level at which you will be exempt from these limits. Usually, you can stick with moderator here.

Youtube Settings

Limit to Music – This will limit songs to the music category only

Limit to Liked Videos – This will only select from videos with more likes than dislikes.

Can I Play Music From Youtube On My Stream?

Technically you are not allowed to play copyrighted music from Youtube on your Twitch stream. It leaves you open to getting a copyright strike or DMCA. However, you may see lots of other smaller streamers playing copyrighted music without an issue.

When you’re small you may be able to skirt past any strikes but chances are you will get a strike eventually.

When you are playing copyrighted music on your stream you are doing it at your own risk and you may end up with a channel ban.

Where Can I Get Copyright-Free Music?


We mentioned Streambeats earlier in the article so I won’t touch on it much more.

  • Free music in multiple genres
  • Can stream on Spotify
  • A limited number of songs

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic sound is a premium platform with a wide range of songs available to use on stream or in your Youtube clips. You get a full license to use the songs in your videos.

They operate on a monthly subscription model but you can get a 30 day free trial to check it out.

They have over 32,000 tracks you can play on your stream so a little more than the Free Streambeats alternative.

You will also be able to monetise your Youtube videos with these songs without risky copyright strikes on your channel.

Soundtrack By Twitch

Twitch has also released its own copyright-free music platform called soundtrack.

It also has a wide selection of songs in multiple genres. Twitch has opened up the platform to allow artists to submit their music for use. This is great for smaller artists who want to get some exposure and gives us songs we can play.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article has fully explained how you can get set up with Night Bot song requests on your stream. Enjoy connecting with your followers and enjoying some good music.

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