You have probably seen streamers with a real spin wheel on their stream before. It’s a great way to engage your viewers and make your stream more interesting. However, what if you could add this element to your stream without having to buy a giant spin wheel to place in your room? Well with stream Elements you can. They have a built-in feature that allows us to digitally add a spin wheel to our stream.

In this article, I am going to show you how to add a digital spin wheel to your stream as well as share some ideas to add to the wheel to make your stream more fun and potentially get more subs. Let’s jump in.

How To Add The Spin Wheel To OBS Studio

We are going to be using one of the pre-made widgets from Stream Elements to add the Spin wheel to our stream.

Step 1 – Open Up Stream Elements

First, open your Stream Elements dashboard. If you don’t already have an account you will need to create one at Navigate to Streaming Tools –> Overlays Gallery –> Widgets –> Wheel Of Fortune.

How To Add The Spin Wheel To OBS Studio Step 1

Click on Create and decide whether you want to add this to an existing Stream Elements overlay or you want to create a new overlay then click on continue and give your theme a name.

How To Add The Spin Wheel To OBS Studio Step 2

You can then click on Create My Overlay.

Step 2 – Add Your Scene Link To OBS Studio Or Streamlabs OBS

You will now be presented with a link we can use to add our wheel to our streaming software. I’m using OBS for this example but the process is similar in Streamlabs.

How To Add The Spin Wheel To OBS Studio Step 3

First, we want to copy the link and then open OBS Studio. Inside OBS Studio navigate to Sources –> + –> Browser.

How To Add The Spin Wheel To OBS Studio Step 4

Give your Browser source a name and then click OK. We then want to paste the URL we got from Stream Elements into the URL section. Everything else can be left as default. Click OK and you will now see the Spin Wheel inside your OBS Studio scene.

How To Add The Spin Wheel To OBS Studio Step 5

Step 3 – Editing Your Spin Wheel

Now that we have the Spin Wheel inside OBS we can edit what the options on the Spin Wheel are. To do this go back to Stream Elements and navigate to Streaming Tools –> My Overlays and then select the overlay you just created or added the spin wheel to and click edit.

How To Add The Spin Wheel To OBS Studio Step 6

You will now be inside the Stream Elements editor. Click on Custom Widget 1 –> Settings. Here we will be able to edit our Spin wheel.

Initially, the spin wheel is set up to give out channel points when a user spins it. However, you can also set it up with custom options on the wheel.

Adding Custom Options To The Wheel

To add options to the wheel navigate to the “Segments, Comma separated” section. Initially, we see numbers in this section but we can change it to forfeits for example.

How To Add The Spin Wheel To OBS Studio Step 7

To do this add your forfeit that you want to display on the wheel. You will have to keep these pretty short as there isn’t much room for text. If you want to add extra sections to the wheel just add an extra comma and then add your text for the next section.

Changing The Colours On The Wheel

Initially, the colors on the wheel are pretty horrible and make the text hard to read. You can change these in the Segment colors section. Just get the hex code of the color you want and paste it in. You can find Hex codes here.

Adding A Custom Image To Your Wheel

If you really want to go all out you can create a custom image for your wheel in something like photoshop and then add it to the wheel. You can do this by selecting Display image and uploading your image to Stream Elements.

Changing The Size Of Your Wheel

If you want to add more options to your wheel you may want to increase its size. You can do this in the Wheel Size section. When you do this you may need to re-adjust the size of your source inside OBS Studio so you can see the whole wheel.

Who Can Participate

If you are using the wheel as a way to choose forfeits you will want only you to be able to activate the wheel. If this is the case select Broadcaster in the who can participate section. This means that only you can activate the wheel.

If you want to use the wheel for points then you can leave all the settings as default and allow everyone to spin the wheel.

Step 4 – Saving and Spinning The Wheel

Now that you have configured the wheel to your liking you just need to save your work. Click save in the top right corner of the stream elements editor. You will now see the changes reflect in OBS Studio.

When you want to trigger the wheel you can type the command !spin in your chat. This will activate the wheel and you will be able to see what section it lands in.

If you set who can participate to Everyone then they will also be able to use the !Spin command in chat.

How To Add The Spin Wheel To OBS Studio Step 8

Ideas For A Twitch Spin Wheel

Creating a spin wheel for your stream can be a great way to get more interaction from your chat and potentially even gain more subs. If you have a big enough viewer base and strong enough forfeits on the wheel then you could spin the wheel for every sub you get. You could also do it when you get a certain donation amount or bit amount.

If you have a smaller stream you may want to use channel points instead to activate the wheel.

Spin Wheel Forfeit Ideas

  • Push Ups
  • Instant Death In Game
  • Drink Water
  • Cinnamon Challenge
  • Game Specific Forfeits
  • Use it to pick your class for the next game

You could potentially also use the wheel to make your game more interesting. For example, if you’re playing Minecraft you could have options on the wheel for instant diamond armor but also another option that means you have to instantly drop all of your armor. This is a good way to make your game more interesting utilizing the wheel.

Wrapping Up

You should now have your spin wheel set up and ready to go. Enjoy having some interesting forfeits on stream with your chat, it will definitely make for a more entertaining stream.

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