Do you want to enable virtual webcam inside Streamlabs so you can show of your scenes in other programs such as Zoom, Discord or even websites that utilise your webcam? In this tutorial we are going to show you how to setup Virtual Camera in Streamlabs OBS.

What is A Virtual Webcam In Streamlabs?

A virtual webcam allows you to use your scenes in Streamlabs as a camera input on another program. For example if your streamlabs scene is set up to record your game and facecam you can then stream this feed into a discord call with the virtual webcam. You can also use this on programs like zoom or even on omegle to create funny videos.

How To Enable Virtual Camera In Streamlabs

Step 1: Enable Virtual Camera In Streamlabs

First open up Streamlabs and go to settings. In the menu on the left hand side identify ‘Virtual Webcam’. Select it to open the virtual webcam options. Click install virtual webcam.

When you click install virtual webcam you will be asked to accept the install as an admin. Approve these two prompts.

Step 2: Start Virtual Webcam

Once you have successfully installed the virtual webcam you have the option to ‘Start Virtual webcam’. Click on start virtual webcam and Streamlabs will display that the virtual webcam is now running.

You can now open your Virtual webcam in other programs.

Step 3: Open Your Virtual Webcam In Your Preferred Software

Now that the virtual camera is live you can feed whatever is in your streamlabs scene to another software. Whatever is showing in this scene will be broadcast in the program of your choice.

For this example I am going to show you it Working in discord.

In discord navigate to Voice and Video settings. In the camera drop down you will now see a camera called ‘Streamlabs OBS Virtual Webcam’. Select this and then click test video.

You can now see that my scene from OBS is showing as my camera inside Discord. You can do this in any other program. Just select ‘Streamlabs OBS Virtual Camera’ as your camera in the settings of your other program.


How Can I Disable The Virtual Webcam In Streamlabs OBS?

You may want to disable your virtual webcam after each use. To do this just navigate to settings in Streamlabs OBS –> Virtual camera –> Stop Virtual Camera

This will stop your virtual camera from running on your computer and it will become unavailable in other programs.

Why Is My Scene Flipped In Streamlabs Virtual Camera?

Generally only your preview will be flipped however other people will see your scenes as intended, just like they are in Streamlabs. If this is not the case in Streamlabs you can right click on the sources you need, click transform and then click flip horizontally.

Wrapping Up

Enjoy being able to use detailed and advanced scenes & transition in your discord or zoom calls. This is a really nice feature that was added to Streamlabs and will be used in many different ways. Whatever way you decide to use this we hope our tutorial helped you get set up quickly.


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