If you’ve ever wanted to do multistreams for events or just to play games with a group of other content creators, you may have heard of squad streams. Squad streams allow up to four content creators to go live together and be shown in “squad mode.” Squad mode splits one window into two, three, or four depending on the number of members in the squad. Streamers can start their squad streams right from within their creator dashboards.

A squad stream is an excellent way to build communities and networks within the group, potentially inviting viewers of each streamer to check out the other ones in the squad. It’s also a great way of creating content without much additional work, since viewers get up to four views of the same game or event.

In this article, we take a closer look at squad streams, how you can set them up, alternatives in case you don’t qualify to run them, and any other questions you may have.

What is a Squad Stream?

In 2019, Twitch launched the squad stream feature to a relatively warm reception. Squad streams are a way for multiple streamers to stream and be live at the same time. It is a great feature for when content creators want to do events or play games together. At the moment, the maximum number of creators in a squad is four. This allows up to four communities to intermingle and potentially grow.

Usually, one streamer (the squad leader) will start a squad and then invite the other streamers to join them. Once the squad stream begins, every viewer (of whichever streamer in the squad) can see all of the squad’s streams in a single window. The window is split accordingly into two, three, or four depending on how many are in a squad.

Unfortunately, squad streams are a partner-only feature, as it is part of the partner program benefits.

How to Stream as a Squad on Twitch [2022]

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If you are a Twitch partner and you want to start a squad stream on Twitch, you can follow the steps below.

  1. On the upper right corner of the Twitch website (on desktop), left-click on your profile picture to bring up the drop-down menu. Click on Creator Dashboard.
  2. In your creator dashboard menu or your quick actions panel, find “Squad Stream” and click on it.
  3. Invite up to three other Twitch partners to be in your squad.
  4. Once the others join, you can launch the squad stream.

Squad leaders are able to kick any squad members if necessary. If the squad leader ends their stream first before any of the other members, the first member to have joined the squad will become the leader. The squad stream will not end until all of the members leave the squad. If one streamer leaves, any viewer they have that is watching through squad mode will stay in this mode.

Monetizing and Squad Streams

You might be wondering whether you can monetize during squad streams. The answer is yes — it is entirely possible.

During a squad stream, viewers have the option to choose one streamer from the group to be featured in the main viewing window. Any bits, subscriptions, or gifted subscriptions will go to whichever streamer is in their main window.

You can also earn ad revenue from squad streams. However, revenue is given only to the streamer in viewers’ respective main windows. Ads will also only play on the main window streamers.

Squad Stream Alternatives

Because Twitch’s squad stream is a partner-only feature, you unfortunately cannot make use of it as an affiliate. So what can you do instead?

Affiliates are still able to start a group and stream together if they wish. However, they would have to ask viewers to watch through any third-party software or apps that can then allow them to watch all group members at once.

One of the best platforms you can do this from is MultiTwitch. It works well enough, but it is not without its flaws.

Unfortunately, if you use MultiTwitch, you would have to give your viewers the special link through which they can watch your multi-stream. You can do this via a command or an announcement on your social media — or both!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Squad Stream allow creators to communicate?

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The squad stream feature only puts different streams together in one window. It does not provide any video or voice capabilities. So, if streamers want to communicate while they are in the squad, they will have to use third-party options. The most popular method at the moment, of course, is Discord.

If a stream ends, what happens to the rest of the squad stream?

  • If the squad leader ends their stream before anyone else, the leader role passes over to the first person who joined the squad.
  • If a member leaves the squad, the squad continues on — viewers of the person who left that were watching in squad mode will stay in squad mode.
  • The squad stream ends when all members leave.
  • Squad leaders can remove members from the squad if necessary.

Can you follow everyone in the squad at once?

Unfortunately, no. If a viewer wants to follow all the squad members, they would have to do so individually. Viewers will need to navigate to each streamer’s page and follow them one by one.

Wrapping Up

Squad streams are a great way to network and build rapport with other streamers — and their viewers, too. However, because this option is only open to Twitch partners, affiliates will have to look elsewhere to do their group streams. MultiTwitch is an excellent workaround that allows viewers to watch multiple streams from one window for free. Give it a try if you want to hold events or network with other streamers!

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