There has been some amazing Nintendo exclusive games come out that you have maybe thought about streaming on your Twitch or Youtube channel. If you are used to streaming directly from your PC or maybe even Playstation or Xbox you probably don’t have a spare capture card lying around to stream from your Switch.

In this article I am going to explain how you can stream from your Nintendo Switch without a capture card.

Can You Stream Directly From A Nintendo Switch Without A Capture Card?

Unfortunately on the Nintendo Switch does not have built-in streaming capabilities like an Xbox or Playstation does. This means you will either have to use a capture card or use this little trick using an Xbox One we are going to share below.

Capture cards can set you back $100-300, however if you have a spare Xbox One lying around like many avid gamers do then you will be able to use it to help stream from your Nintendo Switch.

Also note that this will not work on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

What You Will Need To Stream From Nintendo Switch Without A Capture Card

There is a few things you will need if you want to stream from a Nintendo Switch.

  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch Docked
  • 2 HDMI Cables
  • Laptop/PC & Monitor
  • Ethernet Cable

How To Stream From Nintendo Switch Using Xbox One (Step By Step)

Step 1 – Connect Your Switch To Your Xbox One

The first step is to place your Nintendo Switch in its dock and connect the HDMI cable to the dock. You then need to connect the other end of the HDMI cable to your Xbox Ones HDMI In port. You can also make sure that your Xbox One is connected to your TV or Monitor through the HDMI out port.

Step 2 – Boot Up One Guide On Your Xbox One

Boot up One Guide on your Xbox One and you should now be able to see your switch screen displayed on your TV/Monitor.

Step 3 – Connect Your Xbox To Your PC

Connect your Xbox to your PC/Laptop ideally using an Ethernet cable to get the best possible connection. You can do this over WiFi however you may experience frame rate drops causing your stream to be poor quality.

Step 4 – Install the Xbox App On Your Computer

Install the Xbox App on your PC and find your console in the app. Open your console in the app and you should now be able to see your Switch gameplay on your computer through the Xbox App.

Step 5 – Create A New Source In Streamlabs/OBS

Open you streaming software of choice and add a new window capture source. Select the Xbox App as the window and crop to your liking. This will allow you to see your Twitch gameplay inside your streaming software.

Step 6 – Stream To Your Audience

You should now be set up and ready to stream your Nintendo Switch gameplay. Just push Go Live and enjoy sharing Nintendo games with your audience.

Why Streaming Switch Games Can Help You Grow

As streaming from a Switch is harder than streaming from other consoles, as well as not being able to stream from the Switch Lite it gives you a competitive advantage. With less competition in Nintendo games on Twitch and a passionate audience of people looking for the content it may make growing your channel much easier. It’s simple supply and demand.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this article helps you set up your Nintendo Switch stream and puts you on the Nintendo streaming map. The Xbox isn’t the ideal option for streaming but if you have one lying around your house and want to stream without buying a capture card then this can be a great alternative to see if streaming Switch gameplay is something you enjoy.

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