Tik Tok has rapidly became one of the quickest social media platforms in the world over the past few years. It is also one of the easiest platforms to rapidly grow a following on. If you are a streamer, you probably post your best clips on the platform (If you’re not you should be). Posting clips is great for growing your following but what if you could stream directly to Tik Tok. You could build a closer relationship with your audience and direct them to your main platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

In this article I am going to cover how you can stream your gameplay directly to your Tik Tok account from your PC. Let’s jump in and get started.

Can You Stream Gaming On Tik Tok?

Yes, you can stream gaming on Tik Tok. However, before you unlock the ability to stream live on Tik Tok you will have to reach 1000 followers. Once you have unlocked this feature you can use a streaming platform such as OBS or Streamlabs to stream directly to Tik Tok.

How To Stream Gameplay On Tik Tok

To stream on Tik Tok you need to meet some requirements before unlocking the Live feature.

  • You must be over the age of 13 to access the live streaming feature
  • You must have at least 1,000 followers on the platform

Without meeting these you will not be able to stream live from your account. If you do meet these requirements you can follow the steps below to get you first stream underway.

Going Live Using OBS Studio

If you have the live feature unlocked on Tik Tok you will have the ability to use the streaming platform of your choice to stream to Tik Tok. In this tutorial we will be using OBS Studio.

  1. Open you Tik Tok App and tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Swipe right at the bottom to navigate to the Live tab
  3. Here you can set a Title for your stream and add any filters you want to have on your stream.
  4. Below the “Go Live” button, tap “Cast to PC”
  5. Tik Tok will now give you a Stream Key and Server URL! This is how your computer sends your video feed to Tik Tok. Keep note of these.
  6. Open up OBS Studio (Or your preferred streaming platform).
  7. Navigate to settings –> Stream –> Service and Select Custom from the drop down menu
  8. Here you can enter the stream key and Server URL you got from Tik Tok then Click “Apply” to continue
  9. Now go to Settings –> Video. Change your Base & Output resolution to 1080×1920 or 720×1280. This will give the Tik Tok vertical format. Click Apply.

You’re now ready to add in your game capture source and alerts, just like a stream on Twitch. Make sure that you position your game in a way that works with the vertical format.

You can apply an overlay and alerts to your scenes as well. We would recommend a format where you have your face cam at the top with your gameplay below.

Once you’re ready to go live to your audience, click on the “Start Streaming” button. You will now be live on Tik Tok with your gameplay!

Can You Make Money Streaming On Tik Tok?

Yes, you are able to make money streaming on Tik Tok. The platform has a feature built in allowing you to earn from donations. However these don’t work like regular donations straight to your bank account. Tik Tok viewers will have to purchase coins which they can then send to you.

Once you have enough coins you can exchange them for diamonds which can be converted to cash. You can cash out this balance directly to Paypal once you have at least $100 worth in your Tik Tok Balance.

How Much Are Tik Tok Coins Worth?

Tik Tok Coins are purchased by the viewers. You can see the pricing in the image below however this may change over time.

When a creator gets coins they can convert them to Diamonds. Diamonds are usually worth about 50% of the value of the coins. So if a user buys 5000 coins for $66.99 and donates them to a creator. The creator will receive $33.50 worth of diamonds. Once they reach $50 in their balance they can cash out.

Tips For Streaming Gameplay On Tik Tok

  • If you are streaming in Portrait mode make sure that your game is in frame. In certain games like Warzone you can crop out a lot of the sides of the frame and the game will still be watchable. However in other games you will need more detail in the frame. You can get creative with overlays to make your Tik Tok stream look great.
  • Ultimately if you are a gaming streamer you will want viewers to join you on Twitch or Youtube. You should be funnelling users from Tik Tok to these platforms as a viewers on Twitch is much more valuable than a user on Tik Tok. Use Tik Tok to gain a lot of reach then funnel those users down into your other social platforms where monetisation is better.

Wrapping Up

You can now go live on Tik Tok and start picking up more fans on the platform. Once people find your content on Tik Tok you can convert them over to your other platforms and ultimately grow your audience.

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