Are you trying to get into a streamers warzone game? Maybe they are looking for viewers to help them on task or you’re just being an annoying little troll. In this guide we are going to show you how to stream snipe in warzone as well as how to stop people getting into your game if you are a streamer. Let’s jump in.

How To Stream Snipe In Warzone

Be On The Same Server As The Streamer

If the streamer is on US servers then you as a stream sniper will also need to be on the US servers to get in their game. If you are on EU Servers and they are on US servers you will not get into their game.

You can adjust the server you are playing on by using a VPN while playing.

Search At The Same Time As The Streamer

If the streamer is not using a stream delay you can generally get in their game by searching at the same time as them. As soon as you see them search on their screen you should also search. It may take a couple of tries to get into their specific game as there will be more than one lobby available for to get put into.

If the streamer is using a Stream Delay you will have to guess when they are searching and search as well. If this is the case it will be harder to get into their games however if you keep trying you will likely end up in their lobby at some point.

How To Prevent Stream Snipers From Getting In Your Game

There are a couple of ways to prevent Stream snipers in Warzone however it is hard to completely stop it, especially if you are a large streamer with a lot of stream snipers.

Hide Screen

When you are in the pre-game lobby of Warzone you should hide your screen. When your screen is hidden stream snipers will not know the exact point at which you have searched, therefore there is less chance of them getting in to your game.

This is the preferred option as it doesn’t require you to add a stream delay.

Stream Delay

The second option is to add a Stream Delay to your stream. This means that your stream will be delayed 30-60 seconds making it much harder for stream snipers to know when you are searching. This is a great method for stopping stream snipers but it makes talking to chat much harder. Personally I value talking to chat more than stopping stream sniper. This is why I prefer to hide the screen.

Wrap Up

You now know how to Stream snipe in warzone as well as stop people from joining your games if you are a streamer. We don’t recommend stream sniping as it can ruin the game for streamers. At some points though a streamer will welcome stream snipers to their games to make a funny video or so you can help them. If that’s the case you can use the tactics above to get into their games.

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