Discord was originally made as a community for gamers to talk to each other. Since then, it has been a popular hub for all kinds of people including artists and editors. Now, it is also a venue for friends to co-watch interesting YouTube videos together.

Now, Discord has added a new feature for a more seamless YouTube viewing experience. It is called Watch Together.

If you love watching YouTube with friends, then continue to read as we discuss how you can take advantage of this feature.

How To Stream Youtube Videos On Discord

Discord Watch Together is slowly rolling into servers. The company’s goal is to make it available to everyone by the end of 2022. 

What you need to use stream YouTube videos on Discord Watch Together

As of the moment, not every Discord server has the Watch Together feature. But there is a way to take advantage of it now. There are some requirements that you need to take care of though.

  1. The host and the guests must have a verified Discord account.
  2. Users must have the Discord windows or mac app. Discord on Chrome or any web browser will not work.
  3. Mobile Discord hosts and guests must update their app to the latest version.

How to stream YouTube Videos using Discord Watch Together

Once the pre-requisites are accomplished, you are all set to start your watch party. Follow these instructions to get started.

  1. Join the public Discord Games Lab Server here. It will prompt you to continue to the Discord app.
  2. Join the server by clicking on the Join Discord Games Lab button.
  1. Once you join the server, read the rules-and-faq text channel and scroll to the bottom. Complete your registration by clicking the button down below and you are almost done.
  1. Read the rule. Check the “I have read and agree to the rules” then click on Submit.
  2. Join a voice channel. The voice channels here are called “Activity Room”. Different sizes are available for small to large groups. Choose whichever fits your group size.
  1. Once you are inside the room, click on the Rocket Icon above the settings menu and to the right of the Share your Screen button.
  1. Click on Watch Together.
  1. Press Continue on YouTube’s terms of services
  1. Click on Authorize after. This will allow the Watch Together app to gain access to your account.
  1. You are finally done. You may now stream YouTube videos on Discord. Follow the next steps to invite your friends.

How to invite friends to Watch YouTube Together on Discord

Setting up the whole Watch Together would be pointless if you do not have friends to watch with right? Here are the steps to invite your friends or guests and start your YouTube Watch Together on Discord.

  1. Hover over the bottom of your screen and. Click on the “Invite to Activity” button
  1. Manually enter your friend’s name or send the activity invite link.
  1. You may then start the watch party once they accept your invitation
  2. If the direct invite method does not work, you may send them the Discord Games Lab server link and follow the instructions earlier.
  3. Once inside the server, look for the voice channel name and click on Join Activity.

How to Use YouTube Watch Together on Discord

So you are all set to start watching. What should you do next? Follow these steps and enjoy your watch party.

  1. Once inside the voice channel and you are all set. The YouTube Watch Together screen will show up.
  1. You may search for a video on the search bar or enter a YouTube link.
  1. There is also a queue feature if you want to set your video playlist. Just search for a video and click the plus sign.
  1. The videos will automatically play once added to the queue.
  2. The YouTube Watch Together Host has control over the watch party. The host has the remote by default and can pause or play the video.
  3. You may change hosts by going to the search menu and clicking on the three dots icon. Select another host after.
  1. If you want everyone to have access to the remote. Go back to the three dots icon and click on Share Remote instead.
  1. That’s it! Have fun with your YouTube Watch Together on Discord.

Are there ads when using YouTube Watch Together on Discord

Google has started to crack down on bots that play music on Discord such as Groovy. With the introduction of YouTube Watch Together, it is expected that ads are going to play while using this feature. It is also mentioned in the Terms of Service.

But what if you are using YouTube Premium?

It is will include ads as well. There is no login feature on Watch Together that will detect whether you are subscribed to YouTube Premium or not. It is unfortunate but hopefully, Google will allow that soon.

How to Watch YouTube Together on Discord Mobile

There are a lot of people using Discord on Android and Apple Devices. However, the Discord Watch Together feature is not available on mobile yet.

Discord is slowly rolling out the Watch Together feature on its Windows and macOS devices first. The developers could possibly start adding this feature on mobile devices once it is already available for everyone. But for now, the only way to use it is through Discord desktop.

How To Stream Youtube Videos On Discord Easily

Discord has a Screen Share feature that can be used to stream anything. You can stream games, YouTube videos, music, and many more. 

This is the easier way to stream YouTube videos on Discord because you do not have to go through the DIscord Games Lab server. Here are the instructions.

  1. Join a voice channel in your preferred Discord Server.
  1. Click on Share Screen at the bottom left of your screen.
  1. Select your browser where YouTube is open.
  1. Use YouTube and choose the video you want to play. Unlike Watch Together, this method does not have a remote and you will have to switch to your browser to play a video.
  1. You may invite your friends to join the YouTube watch party by letting them join the voice channel if they are already inside the server.
  2. If they are not on the server yet, you may click the Create Invite button near the voice channel’s name
  1. Send the invite by searching for your friend’s name or you may send the Server Invite Link instead.

This method is not exclusive to streaming YouTube videos only. You may stream games and even video editing software. If you have a lot of movies on your PC, you may stream them too. 

Are there Discord Watch Together alternatives

The best way to stream YouTube is through Watch Together at the moment. There are Discord Bots available such as the YouTube Together Bot but upon testing, it does not respond anymore.

How to Stream YouTube Videos on Discord Mobile

As mentioned earlier, Discord Watch Together is only available on desktops. However, the Share Screen feature has been available since 2020.

Here are the steps:

  1. Join a Voice Channel on your mobile device
  1. Click on your name.
  1. Swipe up to reveal the settings.
  2. Click on Screen Share.
  1. Click on Start Now.
  1. Open YouTube and choose a video.
  2. Inviting friends is similar when using desktop Discord.
  3. Swipe up and click on Invite.
  1. Send the invitation to your friends directly or send the invite link.

Everything that you do will be mirrored when using mobile screen share so be careful when using it. Sensitive information or notification will be seen by your viewers.

Is streaming YouTube videos on Discord mobile worth it?

We don’t think so. Using Discord mobile to stream YouTube videos would be the last resort because it is not ideal.

Streaming YouTube videos through Screen Share captures everything that you do on your mobile device. This includes private information.

The audio quality is not that great too because it picks up both your microphone and YouTube’s audio output. 

The video and audio quality are also buggy. Sometimes guests will only see a blacked-out screen instead of what you are casting.

Point is, to use Desktop Discord when streaming YouTube videos as much as possible. It is easier to set up and works really well.

Wrapping Up

Discord is becoming a community hub for friends who love watch parties. If you are interested in hosting one, we hope that this article helped you stream YouTube Videos on Discord smoothly. Always remember to have fun!

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