Have you been trying to subscribe to your favourite streamer on mobile but can’t use your Twitch Prime sub? This can be annoying if you’re on the go and want to support that streamer, potentially during a Subathon or charity stream.

On the mobile app it is easy to subscribe normally but that means taking hard earned money out of our pocket instead of Jeff Bezos.

Normally you would be watching a streamer on the app and just click on the Subscribe option. This allows you to subscribe to the streamer directly through the app.

You can then pay for your subscription through your phones pay service such as Apple or Google pay. However in here there is no option to use your Twitch Prime subscription. Below is how you can utilise your Twitch Prime subscription on your phone.

How To Use Twitch Prime Subscription On Mobile

Luckily there is a way to use a Twitch Prime subscription on mobile with a little workaround.

To use your Twitch Prime on mobile you will need to open your phones browser and navigate to https://twitch.tv.

When you navigate to this link you may need to log in to Twitch first if you haven’t logged in on your phone before.

Once you are logged in, search for the streamer that you want to subscribe to and head to their channel page. Once you get onto their channel page click on the Subscribe button. You will see the screen below:

If you have a Twitch Prime Sub available you will be able to use it from this page.

You can also go directly to the link below and add the streamers username at the end.


This will take you to a mobile friendly page as you can see below.

Can I Use Twitch Prime On The Mobile App?

Can I use Twitch Prime On the Twitch app? No, you cannot use a prime sub on the Twitch application. You will have to log into Twitch using your browser to use your Prime sub on your favourite streamer.

Can I Use Twitch Prime On My Tablet?

Can I Use Twitch Prime On My Tablet? Yes, however you are unable to use a Prime sub in the Twitch app itself. You will have to login to the browser version of Twitch on your tablet and subscribe through there. You can pay for a normal sub through the Twitch app.

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Wrapping Up

That’s really all there is to using your Twitch prime subscription on mobile and tablets. If you want to use it, you have to go to the browser version of Twitch. If you really want to sub to a streamer when you are on the go this is the way to do it otherwise you can wait until you are back at your PC.

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