Have you been watching your favourite streamer or playing Warzone at a friends house only to hear someone scream in rage when you kill them. Maybe you are wondering why you can’t hear these death coms on your own console or PC. Well in this article we are going to go through a few different settings that may be affecting how your death coms work.

After all, there is no better feeling than hearing someone you just took out scream in anger! That’s what we play for, right? You will even see some streamers dedicate their stream to “Death Com Hunting” where they try and find the funniest deathcoms.

Let’s jump in!

How To Hear Death Coms In Warzone

There a multiple reasons you may not hear deathcoms in Warzone. We have listed them below.

Audio Settings

We need to ensure that our audio settings are set to Enable so that we can hear other players. You may have previously set yours to Mute everyone except Party which would mean you won’t hear any death coms.

To change your settings navigate to Settings –> Audio –> Enable.

This will work on Playstation, Xbox and PC versions of the game.

Party Chat

If you are playing with friends and use party chat on Xbox live or Playstation you will not be able to hear death coms as they come through game chat. To hear you will need to talk in game chat or else use external chat software to communicate such as Discord so you can also listen to the game chat for death coms.


If you have your settings set to mute everyone except for party or muted someone in the pre-game lobby you will then not be able to hear their death coms.

How To Disable Your Own Death Coms

If you don’t want people to hear your death coms then you can disable them with a couple of different methods. However I think it’s much more fun to leave them on.


If you go into your game settings –> Audio –> Mute All Except for party then people who kill you will not be able to hear your coms.

Use Party Chat

If you are in party chat on your console players who kill you will be unable to hear you.

Push To Talk

If you are on a PC you can use the Push to talk function which means your voice will only be heard when you activate push to talk using a button of your choice.

Funniest Death Chats On Warzone

To hear some of the funniest death chats on Warzone check out the video below from Daily Dose of COD Warzone. Some of these are hilarious!

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to hear death chat in Call of Duty Warzone making for some hilarious moments. The only thing better than wiping a squad is hearing them rage at each other as you do it! Enjoy.

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