As much as I hated Tik Tok when it first came out there is no denying that its one of the best places for Twitch streamers to grow right now. However having landscape clips on Twitch really doesn’t look good and will not perform as well. For a long time it was a real headache converting my clips to 1080 x 1920 vertical clips.

While it was definitely worth it, it was just part of my day as a streamer I didn’t look forward to. However this week I came across a tool that allows you to convert your twitch clips or files on your computer to Tik Tok clips in less than a minute. It’s awesome.

Let me give you a step by step guide to using Stream Ladder.

I’ve also put together a video below:

Step By Step Guide

Uploading Your Clips

1.1 Uploading a Clip Via URL

The first option is to upload your clip via url. Currently with stream ladder this has to be a Twitch clip someone has clipped on your stream or a clip from someone elses stream. It will not work if you cut a specific part of your stream down to a short video.

Just grab the Twitch Clip URL and paste it into stream ladder.

1.2 – Uploading a Clip Via File

You can also upload a clip via files from your computer. So if you have a clip from a youtube video or your OBS recordings you think could be a great tik tok video then you can upload it from your computer.

All you have to do is click Local File and then select the file from your file browser to upload it to stream ladder.

2. Selecting Your Face Cam

Once you have selected your clip you can now choose from two options. One with face cam and one without.

If you’re like most Twitch streamers you’ll have a face cam. Go ahead and drag the highlight over your face cam. This part of the video will then appear at the top of your Tik Tok clip.

If you don’t have a face cam select fullscreen instead and create a clip from your gameplay.

Click accept and move to step two.

3. Select Your Gameplay

This is where you can now select which area of the screen you want for your gameplay. For most games this will just be the centre of your screen however there may be some edge cases where a different section of the screen may be more suitable.

This will be positioned below your face cam in your 1080×1920 clip ready for Tik Tok.

Click accept to move on to the next step.

4. Checkout Your Preview

You will now see a preview of your video. Check if everything looks good. As long as everything is looking good you can click Finish and your video will start rendering.

Rendering can take a few minutes. Just let it run it’s course and then you’ll be able to download your clip ready for upload to Tik Tok.

5. Download Your Tik Tok Clip

Once your video has finished rendering a button will appear to download your clip. Click download and your video is now ready to upload to tik tok.

You now have the perfect vertical Tik Tok video ready to help propel your Twitch channel.

To use this web app you need to be using Google Chrome on your desktop. The app will not currently work on your phone unfortunately.

How To Maximise Growth On Tik Tok

As Twitch has terrible discovery on the platform the best way to grow is by building a following on separate platform and funnelling them to twitch.

Lots of streamers have been blowing up over the past year on Tik Tok. It’s currently one of the best ways to grow your stream outside of Twitch. However you can’t expect to just post one or two videos and blow up. You need to have consistency! Thats the key to Tik Tok.

I would recommend having a simple content system. The beauty of it is that your viewers will clip your best moments on stream. These are the clips you should use for your Tik Tok. The fact that someone thought it was good enough to clip means there’s a good chance it’s good enough for Tik Tok.

If you’re streaming for a very low amount of people you should mark moments in your stream that you feel are note worthy and can be used on Tik Tok later.

After your stream you can sort through your clips and plan which ones you want to use on Tik Tok.

You should be uploading to Tik Tok at a minimum once per day. So depending on how many times you stream per week make sure you’re pulling a minimum of 7 clips you can use. If you are streaming 7 days a week then you’ll likely have an excess of funny clips you can upload to Tik Tok.

By taking 15 mins after your stream and using Streamladder you can easily create a ton of clips ready for Tik Tok in no time.

If you want to learn how to grow fast on Tik Tok check out this full guide to Tik Tok growth by Skyler Guns who used Tik Tok to grow massively on Twitch.

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to dominate on Tik Tok without spending endless hours editing your videos. Using this tool you will be able to grow your Tik Tok so much faster in turn growing you twitch account and growing your stream.

Enjoy leveling up on Twitch utilising this strategy.

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