If you are looking to use some of the latest features on OBS Studio you will need to make sure that you keep the software up to date.

Although the software is set to automatically update you in case of new software updates, sometimes you might be forced to manually look for updates. This is especially true if you are having troubles with the software when streaming. 

In this article, we will show you how to update your OBS studio. From where to check for updates, to issues faced while updating your system. 

How To Update OBS Studio

To begin, here’s how to update your OBS Studio.

  1. First, open your OBS Studio streaming software and navigate to the Help tab found at the top navigation bar. 
How to update obs studio
  1. Click on Help and select the Check For Updates option on the drop-down menu that appears. We recommend checking this every once in a while.
  2. If you receive a No updates available alert box on your screen, then you’re all set.
  1. However, if you receive a New update available alert box on your screen, then it’s best to update your OBS Studio to the latest version. You can read through the new version details and the list of changes the new update will make to your current version. These include a list of hotfix changes and new features and additions. Once you’re done, click on Update Now. Alternatively, you can choose to Cancel and come back when you’re ready to update your system.
  1. When you choose to update OBS Studio, you will be asked to allow permissions to update your computer’s application. Make sure to grant these permissions, and keep track of the update progress. 
  1. Once done, an OBS Studio Update box that reads Update Complete will appear . You can now click on Launch OBS and assess whether your application is working as expected..

Will Updating OBS Lose My Scenes & Overlay

Do not worry as updates maintain your OBS Studio settings. While there are few instances where streamers claim to have lost their scenes and overlays this is not standard. If you update the software correctly you should have no problems with your scenes.

Often, losing any settings is because something went wrong during the update or the wrong version is chosen. Also, fresh installations are more commonly placed with these issues. So, it’s advisable to make updates directly on OBS Studio rather than downloading newer versions of OBS Studio from the website. 

One thing to note is that OBS Studio works constantly to release hotfixes for the issues users experience. 

Does OBS Update Automatically?

No, it does not, but you can set it so it automatically checks for updates. The only thing you will need to do is change your OBS Studio settings to automatically check for updates. Keep in mind that even though this setting will automatically check for updates, it will not update your application automatically. You will still need to confirm the update or choose to postpone it to a later time. 

Here’s how to set automatic checking of updates on OBS Studio.

  1. First, make sure you’ve opened your OBS Studio application. Then, navigate to the top navigation bar. Once there, click on Help, then click on Settings
  2. You will see a Settings window pop-up on your screen. While you’re on General on the left menu, go to the General section on the right panel and make sure to check the button that says Automatically check for updates on startup.
  1. When you’re done, click Apply, then click OK.

Now OBS Studio will always check for updates each time you open the application. In case it finds any new updates, OBS Studio will ask you if you’d like to update the program immediately. 

One thing to note is that there are no customization options for automatic updates. If you do not want to automatically update on startup, you need to select Remind me later and update the application some other time.

When Should I Update OBS?

It might seem tasking to constantly make updates on your system. However, constantly updating OBS Studio is recommended for optimum functionality of your system. 

So,  when is the right time to make updates? Let’s take a look through these key steps on when you should update your OBS.

  • OBS Studio Version

Make sure you’re using the latest OBS Studio release. To confirm the latest version, go to the OBS Studio website and check the version number for the latest release. 

  • Available Updates

OBS Studio provides a quick way to check for any new updates for your program. You can easily go to the Help tab at the top navigation bar and click on Check For Updates.

  • Automatic Updates

If you’ve enabled automatic checking of updates on startup, and your system tells you there is a new update available when you open OBS Studio, then it’s probably best to allow the recommended system update.

Keep in mind that you don’t always have to accept the update as soon it is available. Especially when you were planning to stream or record a new video at the same time. Alternatively, you could be content with the current version of your program and feel no need to update it immediately. There is no rush, so feel free to make updates at your own pace.

How Do I Check The Latest Updates New Features

The easiest way to do a quick check for the latest features of a new update is from your OBS Studio. By selecting Help at the top navigation bar, and clicking on Check For Updates, you can check whether there are any new features available for your program.

If there is no new update, meaning that there are no new features available, you will see a no updates available pop-up on your screen.

How To Check Current OBS Version

If you want to check whether the version of OBS studio you are using is the latest, here’s how to do it.

  1. Open your OBS Studio streaming software, and go to Help at the top menu. Then, click on About. You should see your current version number at the top of the window that appears on your screen.
  1. To check if your version is the latest one from OBS, go to the OBS Studio website and check the version number for their latest release.

Wrapping Up

And there you go! We’ve covered all things – updates – on OBS Studio. It’s recommended that you utilize these hotfixes, new features, and optimizations to your advantage. You may find the issue you’ve had or the intensiveness OBS Studio has on your computer can be resolved with updating the program. 

Do let us know in the comments on how it goes.

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