A few days ago I picked up Splitgate with all the hype around it. I hopped on, loaded up Steam and plugged in my controller. However when I loaded into my first game it turned out my controller didn’t work. No input was going to the game even though the controller was on and was working in the steam menus.

That led me to a few days of playing with Mouse and Keyboard which didn’t go down well. I’m a bit of (Massive) noob when it comes to playing KBM.

So finally I decided to figure out how I could get my damn controller to work. I absolutely love the game so wanted to play it at my best.

These are the steps to take if you want your Xbox or Playstation controller to work on Splitgate PC.

How To Use Controller On Splitgate PC

Below is a step by step guide showing you how to use a controller on Splitgate PC.

Step 1 – Open Steam Big Picture Mode

Open up Steam on your computer and in the top right hand corner open up Big Picture Mode.

Step 2 – Open Settings In Big Picture Mode

Once big picture mode has opened click on the settings COG in the top right hand corner.

Step 3 – Go To Controller Settings

In settings click on controller settings.

Here you will need to enable configuration support for your controller. For example I have selected Playstation configuration support as I am using a Playstation controller. If you are using an Xbox controller select Xbox Configuration support.

Step 4 – Splitgate Controller Configuration

Go back out to the menu and click on Splitgate while still in big picture mode. Click on controller configuration.

A screen will pop up with Controller Application Options. Here set your Steam Input Per-game setting to Global Setting (PS).

Step 5 – Reload The Game and Enjoy Playing On Controller

You can now fire up Splitgate and you will be able to use your controller in the menus. To use it in game you will need to go to your settings in Splitgate and switch from Keyboard and mouse to controller.

Now your good to go and ready to play Splitgate on PC with controller.

This strategy can also be used for any other game on Steam if your controller is not working.

If you don’t enjoy reading you can checkout the full video tutorial below:

How To Use Controller On Splitgate PC

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