BTTV has been a popular add on for Twitch for years now. The extension was obviously originally intended for use on Twitch, after all the name is Better Twitch TV. However, over the past few years, Youtube streaming has been getting better and better.

One of the best features on Twitch is emotes. Emotes are a way for communities on Twitch to share how they feel through funny images. They are a big part of the Twitch community with streamers having unique emotes for their streams.

For a long time, this has been missing on Youtube but BTTV has just come out with an update to their extension allowing you to use it on Youtube. In this article we are going to show you how to use BTTV emotes on Youtube. Let’s jump in.

How To Install BTTV Emotes For Youtube

Better Twitch TV has now made its extension compatible with Youtube as well as Twitch. Follow the steps below to activate BTTV on your channel:

  1. Go to and login
  2. Navigate to the dashboard in the top bar and then connections on the left hand side
bttv for youtube
  1. Click on the “Connect With Youtube” Button
  2. You will now be asked to connect your Youtube account to BTTV. Go ahead and click on the continue button.
  1. Once connected you will see that your account has been connected in your BTTV dashboard. If you ever want to disconnect it, just click on “Disconnect Youtube”.
  1. After you have linked your account you need to install the BTTV extension in your browser. You may already have this installed if you use BTTV on Twitch. If you don’t click on “Home” and then click “Download For Chrome” (Or another browser if you use a different one”. This will bring you to the chrome extension. Click on install to install it.
  1. When the extension is installed it will ask you for extra permissions to use BTTV on Youtube. Accept these permissions.

You have now installed BTTV for Youtube. Let’s take a look at how it works.

How To Use BTTV Emotes On Youtube

Once you have installed BTTV on your browser you will be able to use it on any channel that allows you to use BTTV Emotes. The streamer will need to have BTTV enabled for Youtube.

  1. Enter the Youtube chat that you want to use BTTV on
  2. I entered NoahJs chat on Youtube. He has BTTV enabled and displays a list of available emotes in his description.
  3. Type the emote name in chat and send. The emote will display. If you hover over it you will see it is a BTTV emote.

You can also click on the emoji button at the bottom of the chat to use an emote.

Each streamer will only have a limited number of emotes available in their chat. Just because you have BTTV enabled does not mean that you can use every BTTV emote.

How To Add BTTV Emotes To Your Youtube Stream

If you are a streamer yourself you can choose what emotes you want to be used on your channel. If you have installed BTTV and linked it to Youtube as mentioned above then you can follow the steps below to add emotes to your channel.

Creating a Custom Emote On BTTV

  1. Open and navigate to the Dashboard section
  2. In your dashboard click on emotes. When you add emotes you will be able to see them here.
  1. If you want to add custom emotes that you have created you can do so by clicking on the Upload emote button. Give your emote a name, upload the file and let BTTV know where you got the emote from. Once you have filled everything in and agreed to the conditions click on “Upload Emote”. You and your chat will now be able to use your custom emote.

You have now successfully added a custom emote to BTTV. If you just want to use popular shared emotes read on.

How To Use Shared Emotes On BTTV

The biggest benefit of BTTV is the massive library of popular emotes available on the platform. You and your fans can use these emotes in your stream. However if you want an emote to be available on your stream, you need to add it to your BTTV dashboard. Follow the steps below to add shared emotes to your channel:

  1. Login to BTTV and navigate to your Dashboard
  2. In your Dashboard you will see a shared emotes section
  1. You can add up to 15 shared emotes. To add them, navigate to the “Emotes” button at the top of BTTV.
  2. Here you will find Top Emotes, Trending Emotes, Shared Emotes and Global emotes. You can use the search bar or scroll through the categories to find the emotes that you want to add to your stream.
  1. Once you have found an emote that you want to use, click on it and select “Add To Channel”.

You have now successfully added emotes to your Youtube channel. You and viewers will now be able to use the emotes.

How To Remove A BTTV Emote From My Channel

If you want to remove an emote from your channel and replace it with another this is easy to do. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to BTTV and login to your Dashboard
  2. Here you will see a list of all of your emotes. Click on the one your want to remove
  3. Click on the “Remove From Channel” button

You have now successfully removed the emote from your channel and will be able to add another emote in that slot. It can be fun to change emotes around in your channel to keep things fresh every so often.

Will BTTV Emotes Transfer From Twitch To Youtube

If you already use BTTV emotes on Twitch and plan to switch your stream over to Youtube you will only have to link your Youtube channel to BTTV. Any custom emotes you have uploaded or selected from shared emotes will still be available in your Dashboard and instantly available when you link Youtube.

How Many BTTV Emotes Am I Allowed

On the free plan of BTTV you are allowed 15 Custom channel emotes and 15 shared emotes. This is generally enough for most streamers. However, if you do want more emotes you can upgrade to the BTYTV Pro plan which gives you access to more emotes and features for $4.99 per month.

On the Pro Plan you will get access to:

  • 50 channel emotes
  • 50 shared emotes
  • priority emote approval
  • 5 non-gif personal emotes

Plus for every month you stay subscribed (as a thanks to their long-term supporters):

  • +2 channel emotes (up to 100 max)
  • +2 shared emotes (up to 100 max)
  • +1 personal emote (up to 25 max)

Wrapping Up

Now you can enjoy all the fun of emotes while streaming or watching your favorite Youtube streamers. With more and more big-name streamers moving to Youtube from Twitch this is a great addition to bring the culture of Twitch streaming to Youtube.

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