Collaboration on Twitch is one of the fastest ways to grow your stream. It’s also one of the easiest ways to create entertaining content. Streaming with other people is much easier than trying to talk to your audience all day by yourself.

Streamlabs how now released a feature called Collab Cam allowing you to quickly invite other people to your stream. It’s essentially zoom built into Streamlabs and it works really well.

This is a great feature if you want to add other streamers to your stream, host podcasts or even bring viewers on as guests. You simply create a unique link and send it to your guest. They can then join the call from their computer or even phone. Let’s take a look at how you can set it up.

Source: Streamlabs

How To Set Up Collab Cam On Streamlabs

The collab feature is now built into Streamlabs. If you can’t find it, make sure you have the latest version of Streamlabs. Collab cam is a source in Streamlabs so you can add it to any of your existing scenes. Follow the steps below to get it set up:

  1. Open Streamlabs and navigate to the scene you want to add your guest to.
  2. Go to sources and click on the + to add a new source
  1. Select ‘Face Cam’ and select ‘Add Source’
  2. Give your Collab Cam a name –> Add Source
  3. You will now see the screen below. Copy the invite link and send it to the people you are looking to invite. You can have 1 guest at a time on the Free version of Streamlabs. If you want to add more you can sign up for Streamlabs Prime.
  1. While you will be able to see your guests, they will also be able to see you. You can choose the sources they can see. You will likely want to select your main camera as your webcam source and your main mic as the microphone source. If you want you can also share other video sources such as screen shares.
  2. You have now successfully invited the people you want on the call. Close out of the collab cam properties window.
  3. When someone joins the call you will see the ‘A guest has joined’ at the bottom of Streamlabs. Click on this to add the person to your scene.
  1. The box below will appear. This will give you a preview of the person’s camera and audio. When you are ready, you can click ‘Show on Stream’.

The person’s camera view will now appear in the scene. You can use the transform controls to position the camera in the correct place in the scene. You have now successfully added the Collab cam to your stream.

How To Disconnect People From Streamlabs Collab Cam

Once you are finished talking to someone, you may want to disconnect them from the call. Navigate to your sources and double-click on the collab cam source –> Select Disconnect to instantly disconnect your guest.

You can then generate a new link to ensure people don’t keep re-joining your call.

Collab Cam Verdict

Overall we think the collab cam is a really great addition to Streamlabs and will make it extremely easy for streamers to invite their friends into their content. For quick, unplanned calls I think this will be a heavily used feature.

Wrapping Up

Now you can quickly invite your friends or viewers into your audience, without having to mess around with 3rd party software. This is a great addition to Streamlabs.

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