If you want to increase your production value while live streaming, using studio mode in OBS is a great first step. Studio mode allows you to preview what will appear when you switch scenes. This helps to ensure that you have the correct scenes ready before pushing them live to your audience.

In this article, we are going to show you how to use Studio mode in OBS Studio. Let’s jump in.

Where To Find Studio Mode In OBS

Studio mode is easy to find in OBS Studio. In the bottom right-hand corner in the “controls” panel, you will see the studio mode button.

Click on this to enable Studio Mode. You will now see two scenes in OBS at the same time, just like the image below.

Now when you select a scene from “Scenes” it will appear in the preview window before actually going live to your audience.

How To Use Studio Mode In OBS Studio

When you are in studio mode you will now see two screens visible in your OBS Studio. One is called the preview screen and the other is the program screen.

Preview Screen

The preview screen is where you can line up your next scene. You can ensure everything looks correct in the preview scene before pushing it live to your audience.

Program Screen

The program screen is what your audience is currently watching. This is what is being encoded and sent to your streaming platform.

How To Change Scenes In Studio Mode

To add a scene to the Preview panel you select the scene you want to appear next from your scenes section. This is just the same as if you were using OBS, not in Studio Mode.

To make a scene go from preview to program you click on the “Transition” button. You will now see that scene appear in the “Program” panel. This is what your audience is currently seeing.

You can also use the fade or fade to black buttons to transition scenes. If you have custom transitions added to your OBS you can also use them in Studio mode.

Switching Scenes With Hot Keys

If you are a solo streamer and find yourself switching between scenes a lot, you may want to add hotkeys to OBS. You can assign hotkeys to each scene and one for your transition button. This will make it quick and easy to switch between scenes in Studio mode while streaming. You can assign hotkeys to buttons on your stream deck or even a cheap numpad.

If you do not know how to set up hotkeys, I would highly recommend checking out our guide to setting up hot keys.

Wrapping Up

You should now fully understand how Studio mode works in OBS Studio. You can now use this to put on a more professional stream for your audience by ensuring everything is ready to go before your audiences sees it.

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