There is times when you are streaming that you may want to have your own chat up on screen but not necessarily have your stream video on screen. For example if you have slower internet speeds watching your stream while streaming may cause your actual stream to lag as it is taking up bandwidth.

Not to worry. There is multiple ways we can view our Twitch chat or even someone else’s Twitch chat without having to watch the stream. Let’s jump in and take a look at how you can do it.

How To View Twitch Chat Without Watching The Stream

Pop Out Twitch Chat

The most common way to view Twitch chat without watching the stream is by using Twitch’s native pop out function.

To use this navigate to your stream manager in Twitch. Go to your chat settings in the bottom left and click on the pop out chat button.

When you click the pop out chat button your chat will appear in a new browser window like below.

You can then move this to an easy location to view on your screen. At this point you can exit out of your stream manager to ensure that you are not using up bandwidth.

Embed Your Chat In OBS

You may also want to embed your chat in your OBS client to allow you to manage your stream and view your chat easily on a second monitor.

To do this we need to follow the steps above to get the pop out chat widget from Twitch. In the pop out widget there is a URL bar at the top. Highlight and copy this URL, we will use it in the next step.

Now open your OBS studio. Navigate to View –> Docks –> Custom Browser Docks.

Here you will be able to give your dock a name (Chat) and then paste the URL we previously copied in the URL Box. Click on apply and your chat box will appear however it won’t be docked in OBS.

If you are unable to see your chat then go back into View –> Docks and make sure that Chat (Or whatever you named it) is ticked.

You will now see your chat docked inside OBS. You can drag this dock to a desired position inside OBS by click on the chat bar at the top and dragging.

View Chat Inside Streamlabs

If you are using the streamlabs software to stream then you will automatically see your chat inside streamlabs after you login with your Twitch account.

Using any of these methods will mean that you do not have to have a browser window open while streaming. This will help to save both resources on your computer and strain on your internet.

How To View A Streamers Chat Without Watching The Video

You can also pop out chat on other streamers channels if you have a need to do so. To do this go to the streamers channel –> Navigate to chat –> Click the settings COG –> Popout Chat.

You will then get a pop out chat of that streamers chat. You can then close the stream and view the chat without having to watch the streamers video.

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to easily view your own or another streamers chat without having to watch the video. This is great to use less resources on your PC while you are streaming so you can ensure that you have a smooth stream.

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