Have you ever wanted to go back and watch one of your favorite Twitch streamer’s old streams? Maybe it was a specific event like winning a Warzone tournament or just a funny stream you wanted to show to your friend. Whatever the reason, in this article we are going to show you how to watch old Twitch streams. Let’s jump in.

How To Watch Old Twitch Streams

You can find old Twitch streams on the streamer’s channel, directly on Twitch. Follow the steps below to find their old streams.

  1. Go to Twitch.tv and login
  2. Navigate to the streamer’s channel. You can search in the search bar or click on their name in your followed channels section.
  3. Once on their channel navigate to the videos tab. Here you will see their recent broadcasts. You can scroll through and find the stream you are looking for.
how to watch old twitch streams

On most channels, they will only have 14 Days of past broadcasts available. Some partnered channels have their past broadcasts available for 60 days. If it is outside this timeframe it is unlikely you will find the full broadcast on Twitch.

Some channels may also have VODs turned off so you will not be able to see any of their past broadcasts on their channel.

Why Do Twitch Delete VODs After 14 Days?

The main reason Twitch deletes VODs after 14/60 Days is to save on storage space. If Twitch archived videos forever like Youtube it would cost them a lot of money as hosting videos is an expensive business. As Twitch is primarily a live streaming platform there is no real need to store VODs after the 14 day time period.

How To Watch Twitch Clips

While the full Twitch VODs do not stay online, clips stay online forever. If you are looking for a specific part of a stream where someone made a clutch play or something funny happened it is likely in a clip. Especially if it is from a large streamer.

To find streamers’ clips follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Twitch.tv and login
  2. Navigate to the streamer’s channel. You can search in the search bar or click on their name in your followed channels section.
  3. Once on the streamers channel page navigate to the videos section and scroll down until you see the Popular Clips section.
How to find streamers popular clips on Twitch
  1. Click on View all to view all of the clips from this channel. You can then filter by Top All, 24h, 7 Days or 30 Days.

Why Do Some Clips And VODs Disappear On Twitch?

If a clip or VOD gets deleted randomly and not because the 14-day period has lapsed it is likely due to a DMCA strike on the video. This happens when a streamer is listening to copyrighted music or watching copyrighted videos on their stream. Twitch will automatically delete these videos if detected to protect themselves from DMCA claims.

How To View Past Twitch Streams On Mobile

You may want to view past Twitch streams on the mobile app as well as Twitch desktop. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Twitch app on your phone
  2. Search for the streamer’s you want to watch a VOD from
  3. Click on their profile. If they are live, you will have to click on their profile and then click on their profile picture to navigate to their channel page.
  4. Once you are on their channel page navigate to the videos section
  5. In the videos section, you can see past broadcasts and highlights. If you want to view clips, navigate to the clips section.
How to find old Twitch VODs on mobile

How To Watch Deleted Twitch VODs On Youtube

If something exciting happens on a stream it will usually end up, uploaded to Youtube as well. This might be a fan uploading the specific clip or it may be by the streamer themselves.

To find a clip of a specific moment or event that has happened on a Twitch stream just search the streamer’s name and what happened. You will likely find the clip you are looking for pretty quickly. That might be on a fan channel or it might be on the streamer’s channel.

If you are looking to find complete stream replays some streamers will upload their full streams to a second Youtube channel. This way their streams are archived forever and viewers can watch them at any time. The streamer can also make some extra revenue from ads. Check in the streamers Twitch about section to see if they link to a Youtube channel where they upload their stream replays.

If you are searching for clips and VODs of a smaller streamer, they will be much harder to find. As a streamer grows, more and more people watch their content and therefore share and re-purpose their content on other platforms.

The best place to find small streamers’ content is on their own Twitch VODs and clips section as well as their own Youtube channel.

With larger creators, you will likely be able to find the content you are looking for on multiple platforms as many people are incentivised to share the content as it generates views and clicks.

Wrapping Up

You now know how to find Twitch highlights, clips and VODs so you can watch old Twitch streams. If it is a recent stream you are looking for, the best place to check is the Videos section on their Twitch channel. If it is an older stream, your best bet is to check on Youtube.

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