IceManIsaac Warzone streams have gained massive popularity on Youtube over the past year creating highly detailed Warzone guides. He actually just recently quit his full time job to become a full time content creator.

He tends to dive much deeper than most creators when it comes to finding the best weapons to use. He actually analyzes real game data to find the fastest TTK and zero recoil guns rather than just taking a wild guess.

Let’s take a look at the loadouts IceManIsaac has been using in Warzone 2.

IceManIsaac Warzone 2 Loadouts – Best Assault Rifle

It’ll be no surprise that IceManIsaacs favorite AR is the TAQ-56. Most streamers are using this weapon as their main as it has low recoil and high damage.

TAQ-56 Overview

The TAQ-56 is performing extremely well right now in Warzone 2. It is a high-damage, low-recoil assault rifle which is extremely accurate at medium to long range.

How To Unlock The TAQ-56 in Warzone 2

The TAQ-56 is unlocked automatically when you reach level 19 in Warzone 2. It is also available as ground loot but is much better with the attachments below.

IceManIsaac TAQ-56 Loadout

IceManIsaac Warzone 2 Loadouts
IceManIsaac TAQ-56 Loadout
Barrel17.5″ Tundra Pro Barrel
MuzzleKomodo Heavy
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper
Ammunition5.56 High Velocity
Magazine60 Round Mag
IceManIsaac TAQ-56 Loadout

IceManIsaac Best SMG Loadout In Warzone 2

IceManIsaac has been using the Lachman Sub (MP5) as his SMG of choice in Warzone 2. This is theoretically the best SMG loadout based on Datamined information from the game files.

Lachmann Sub Overview

The Lachmann Sub is essentially the MP5 of Modern Warfare 2. This SMG is extremely powerful at close and medium range and is perfect for people who want a rushing class that dominates.

How To Unlock The Lachmann Sub MP5

To unlock the Lachmann Sub in Modern Warfare 2 you will need to first rank up the Lachmann-762 to level 13 and then rank up the Lachmann-556 to Lvl 12 which will then unlock the Lachmann Sub.

IceManIsaac Lachmann Sub Loadout

Icemanisaac Lachmann Sub Loadout
IceManIsaac Lachmann Sub Loadout
BarrelL38 Falcon 226MM
MuzzleForge DX90-F
Magazine50 Round Drum
StockLM Stockless Mod
IceManIsaac Best Lachmann Sub Loadout Warzone 2

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. Those are IceManIsaacs current go-to loadouts in Warzone 2. Make sure to try them out and see if they work for you. I have no doubt you will enjoy playing with these and hopefully pick up a few more wins.

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