If you’re an avid Fifa fan, you’d be familiar with the feeling of scoring a 90th-minute goal to beat your friends, leaving them open-mouthed and forcing them to rage quit. With Fifa 23 almost around the corner, many people are wondering; is it going to support cross-play? Let’s dig into this article to find that out! 

Is Fifa 23 Cross Platform/Cross-Play

Yes, FIFA 23 does have crossplay and you’ll be able to play with your friends on different platforms. However, it will be limited at its initial launch, and users will only be able to crossplay if they’re on the same generation of consoles. So what are the same generation of consoles? 

Cross-platform play has been divided into two groups: “First Generation” and “Second Generation”. The platforms in the First Generation include PS4 and Xbox One. On the other hand, Second Generation has PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia. 

So this means that if you’ve purchased Fifa 23 on PS5, you won’t be able to play with someone that owns a First Generation console such as the PS4 or Xbox One.

How Is FIFA 23’s Crossplay Different From FIFA 22

EA introduced cross-platform matchmaking for the first time in FIFA 22, where players were able to play with their friends on different Second Generation consoles. However, if you had a PS4 or an Xbox One, you’d be out of luck since the change wasn’t put together for first-generation platforms. 

But this year, EA brings good news for first-generation platform gamers as well, where they would be able to compete against each other and significantly reduce their matchmaking times due to the increased number of users. So, despite its limitations, it’s still a pretty big update for all the FIFA lovers out there.

What Does FIFA 23’s Cross Platform Include

The new cross-platform feature will allow you to play these modes against your friends:

  1. FUT Play a friend
  2. Online Friendlies
  3. FUT Champions
  4. FUT Online Draft
  5. FUT Online Friendlies
  6. Online Seasons
  7. FUT Rivals

With so many features added to the new cross-platform feature, EA did leave behind a couple, such as Pro Clubs and Co-op modes, in its upcoming game. Quite frustrating for the fans, the billion-dollar worth company did receive a backlash for it, after which they decided to focus working on introducing Pro Clubs and Co-op mode into the crossplay arena. 

So worry not FIFA fans; sooner or later, you’ll finally be able to experience the modes in crossplay. Meanwhile, we suggest you sit tight and enjoy what the new FIFA 23 offers you with its scintillating gameplay.

Wrapping Up

Although it comes with a couple of limitations, the new Fifa 23 crossplay will allow you to spend your evening either trash-talking to your friends after you wreck them or you’ll get wrecked instead. Either way, you’re bound to enjoy quality time with your buddies who aren’t on the same console as you are.