Even in 2022 it is still hard to find a Playstation 5. Between supply chain problems and scalpers picking up any that come into stock you might have to buy from a third party platform such as Ebay or Stock X. In this article we are going to be looking at whether or not it is safe to purchase on the Stock X platform.

Let’s jump in and take a look.

What Is The Stock X Platform?

Stock X was created in 2015 and initially focused on sneakers. If you have been on the platform before that is probably why. Their unique selling point was that they vetted the sneakers before sending them out to ensure that they are 100% legit.

This meant that customers could ensure that the expensive shoes they were buying online were actually real. Since then Stock X has branched out into high end fashion products such as Supreme or Louis Vuitton.

Since November 2020 they have also opened up to electronics such as Playstation 5s and Xbox Series Xs. Due to the low supply and high demand it made sense for them to open their marketplace to these consoles.

Is It Safe To Purchase A PS5 On Stock X?

Yes, Stock X is a great platform that verify’s every item that they sell. They have a team of expert authenticators to authenticate every console listed on their platform. This means that when you purchase a Playstation 5 on Stock it is verified by them to ensure you receive a real console.

The biggest downside of purchasing a Playstation 5 on stock X is the price you will have to pay. With low supply of stock everywhere and Stock X verifying the product, you will have to pay over list price to get your hands on a Playstation 5.

Is Stock X Legit?

Yes, Stock X is a legit platform and has now been around for over 6 years. While they do have some negative reports online, this is normal for a company doing high volume. There’s always going to be some problems popping up. Ultimately they have a great track record and with their verification process in place you have much less chance of getting scammed than buying on eBay.

How Long Does It Take To Ship From Stock X?

Stock X aim to ship out all of their products within 7-12 Days. Due to current delays with the pandemic shipping may in fact take even longer.

How Are Playstations Authenticated On Stock X?

Stock X only allows you to send in brand new unopened consoles. Once the package arrives with them, it will be opened and checked that there is a fully working console inside. This ensures that the console is legit.

They use a 100 point checklist to ensure that items are legit on their platform but this is based around the clothing items. We are unsure of their exact process to verify consoles however they do state that they are verified before sale.

What Are the Downsides Of Buying A Playstation On Stock X?

While Stock X is a good option to purchase a Playstation 5 there are some downsides:

  • Playstations on Stock X are selling at well over retail price. The starting retail price of a Playstation is $399 whereas the cheapest consoles on Stock X are around $650. You will have to pay a premium to get one
  • Shipping times are slightly extended due to the verification process. If you need the console on short notice this might not be the best option.
  • There are some complaints on sites like trust pilot about Stock X customer service being poor.

Can I Get A Refund On Stock X?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the Stock X platform there are no refunds or exchanges on the platform. This means if you purchase a Playstation 5 it is yours to keep. They do however state that you can resell the item on Stock X again however you will have to pay Stock X fees and will lose some money.

Before Buying

Before you buy a Playstation 5 from StockX make sure to check out the reviews for that specific seller to see if they have good feedback just like you would on other reseller platforms such as eBay.

Wrapping Up

So to wrap things up, it is safe to purchase a Playstation 5 on Stock X. If you are really struggling to find stock and are willing to pay a higher price it is definitely a good option. You may have to wait a little longer than something like eBay for shipment but at least you know your console is being verified by the platform first.

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