Valorant has taken the eSports scene by storm, which can be attributed to its fairly high skill ceiling and the competitive nature that comes along with it. The first-person shooter has been on PC for quite a while now, with a dedicated community of almost 22 million active players. All of whom have one question; when do we get to use cross-play to match up with our friends on console?

Is Valorant Cross Platform?

No, Valorant does not support cross platform. Currently, Valorant does not have any console ports. It is exclusively available only to players on PC. Will Valorant have cross play in the future? That’s a different question, however.

The development of the console port was discussed by Anna Donlon in an interview with Gamespot in 2020, where she discussed the progress of the team in perfecting Valorant’s gameplay on console to make sure the release is as smooth as possible. What’s been up since then? Let’s find out.

Cross Play May Happen Sooner Than We Think 

It’s no mystery that Valorant has been doing extremely well since its release. It would make sense that the demand from console and mobile players alike would pique Riot Games’ interest. All of this was pretty evident when a data miner who goes by the handle @ValorLeaks found something interesting in the game’s files; references to a PS4, iOS, and even an Android version. 

This was further backed by Valorant looking to hire someone for the position of Senior Game Designer for Valorant on the console.

Is Valorant Coming to Xbox?

Yes! The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase caught everyone by surprise when Riot announced that its titles would be coming to the Xbox Game Pass, which means that Valorant’s release on the Xbox is imminent.

With the Game Pass, you will be able to play the game with all of the 18 agents unlocked and ready to go! Furthermore, any released agents in the future will also be instantly unlocked for all Game Pass holders.

Is Valorant Coming to PS4 / PS5?

Currently, there have been no announcements made for the PS4/PS5. There is certainly hope, however, with the recent leaks circulating about. If the game is to make its move on Xbox, then it’s only a matter of time before Sony announces the game’s release on PlayStation as well.

Porting Valorant to Console and its Challenges

Bringing a tactical shooter like Valorant to the console, and even mobile, is not an easy move. Adjusting the entirety of the game’s mechanics and ensuring the overall experience does not degrade is easier said than done. 

Cross-platform in other competitive games has always sparked a lot of controversy due to balancing issues between controller players and keyboard/mouse players. Intricate issues like these have to be mitigated before a game with such a huge scale can make a move for crossplay.

According to Game Director Joe Ziegler, the port is a challenging feat, and it’s a further indication that Riot is looking to create a satisfactory experience that is just as fun on consoles as it is on PC.

The Future of Valorant on Android and iOS

It’s definitely happening and in the works. During Valorant’s first anniversary, it was confirmed that the game would be getting a mobile port eventually.

Albeit difficult, mobile gaming isn’t uncharted territory for Riot Games. If you’re familiar with Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra, then you know how the company has effectively implemented cross-play into both of these games. But that is not the case with Riot’s MOBA, League of Legends.

League of Legends, or LoL for short, found itself in the mobile gaming world in 2020. Players on League of Legends: Wild Rift are not able to play with or against players on PC. The conclusion can be drawn that the mobile version of Valorant will probably follow in the same footsteps.

Here’s some leaked footage of Valorant on mobile. The core mechanics of the game remain the same, with necessary adjustments to make the game smoother and more enjoyable to play.

Valorant Mobile Gameplay

Valorant Mobile is already being tested in China, but other players should be able to get their hands on the mobile version of the game towards the end of 2022 in open beta.

Invites for the closed beta should be sent out soon enough, and players initially in the beta can invite 5 other players to join. There are no release dates in the air just yet, but the game will be arriving in Southeast Asia first.

There hasn’t been any official gameplay footage yet from the mobile version of the game, but a few leaked pictures give us a good idea of what the overlay will look like.

Source: MrGhostGaming

Wrapping Up

While there currently is no cross-platform available. With the recent announcement at Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, Valorant is definitely coming to Xbox sometime in the fall of 2022. There’s still no definitive announcement for PlayStation players, but definitely a lot in store for mobile gamers!

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