JoeWo is a Call of Duty Streamer on Twitch and content creator for NRG Esports | Photo from Twitter @AverageJoeWo
Full NameJoseph Wohala
Date of BirthOctober 16, 1997
NationalityUnited States
TeamNRG Esports
Twitch Followers638 Thousand
JoeWo Bio

Who Is JoeWo?

Joseph “JoeWo” Wohala is an American Twitch streamer and content creator for NRG Esports. He mainly plays Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and Valorant.

He currently has more than 638 thousand Twitch followers while his YouTube channel has 444 thousand subscribers. His YouTube channel includes Call of Duty tutorials and gameplay.

With his growing popularity, JoeWo launched a secondary YouTube channel with similar content. He also has another channel called JoeWoShorts where he uploads short clips of his gameplay or tutorials.

JoeWo started playing at a very young age. He plays both on PC and console but right now, he mainly plays on his gaming computer.

JoeWo Warzone Video Settings

Field of View120
ADS Field of ViewAffected
Horizontal HUD Bounds100
Vertical HUD Bounds100
Colorblind TypeTritanopia
Colorblind TargetInterface
Mini Map ShapeSquare
Mini Map RotationEnabled
General Settings
Display ModeFullscreen
Display Resolution1920 x 1080
Screen Refresh Rate280
Render Resolution100
Aspect RatioAutomatic
Sync Every Frame (V-Sync)Disabled
Custom Framerate Limit Unlimited
Nvidia Reflex Low LatencyEnabled + Boost
Display Gamma2.2 (sRGB)
Display Settings
Streaming QualityNormal
Texture ResolutionVery Low
Texture Filter AnisotropicLow
Particle QualityHigh
Bullet Impact and SpraysDisabled
On-Demand Texture StreamingDisabled
Details and Texture
Shadow Map ResolutionLow
Cache Spot ShadowsEnabled
Cache Sun ShadowsEnabled
Particle LightingLow
DirectX RaytracingDisabled
Ambient OcclusionDisabled
Screen Space ReflectionDisabled
Shadows and Lighting
Filmic Strength1.00
Nvidia DLSSDisabled
Depth of FieldDisabled
World Motion BlurDisabled
Weapon Motion BlurDisabled
Film Grain0.00
Dynamic ResolutionDisabled
Post Processing Effects

JoeWo has highlighted that he mainly plays in 120 FOV because he can see his enemies better. He has been playing with these settings so he is used to it.

However, he discouraged beginner Warzone players from doing 120 FOV especially if they are missing their shots. The high FOV helps in seeing more but it will not help you frag out.

JoeWo Controller Settings

BR Button LayoutDefault
Stick Layout PresetDefault
Invert Vertical LookDisabled
Left Stick Min Input Deadzone0.05
Right Stick Min Input Deadzone0.05
Left Stick Max Input Deadzone0.99
Right Stick Max Input Deadzone0.99
Horizontal Stick SensitivityHigh (7)
Vertical Stick SensitivityHigh (7)
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low Zoom)0.89
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (High Zoom)1.00
Aim Response Curve TypeDynamic
Controller VibrationDisabled

JoeWo highlighted the importance of customizing Deadzone based on your personal preference and controller. The deadzone setting compensates for stick drift and if you do not have it, you can leave it at 0.00 to 0.05.

However, if your controller has stick drift, increase your Deadzone until the stick drift is gone. This setting is one thing that you should not copy from other players.

Aim AssistStandard
Scale Aim Assist with FOVDisabled
Weapon Mount ActivationADS + Melee
Weapon Mount Movement ExitEnabled
Aim Down Sight BehaviorHold
Equipment BehaviorHold
Use/Reload BehaviorContextual Tap
Depleted Ammo Weapon SwitchEnabled
Armor Plate BehaviorApply All

Among the settings above, Contextual Tap is one of the important ones. Setting it to Contextual Tap allows you to press your key bind once instead of holding a button or key.

Moreover, the Armor Plate Behavior should be set to Apply All. This allows to press the keybind and it will keep on applying plates. You do not need to tap your keys every single time to restore a plate over and over again.

Slide BehaviorTap
Auto Move ForwardDisabled
Tactical SprintDouble Tap
Automatic SprintAutomatic Tactical Sprint
Vehicle Camera RecenterDisabled
Parachute Auto-DeployDisabled

Follow JoeWo’s movement settings if you want to maximize your movement particularly the Slide Behavior and Automatic Sprint settings.

All you have to do is to press your key bind once to slide and press another one to sprint ahead.

He also suggests that you need to disable Parachute Auto-Deploy. If this is enabled, you are going to be a free kill every time your parachute deploys without your knowledge.

JoeWo Gaming PC Specs

CPUIntel Core i9-12900K
Graphics CardMSI GeForce RTX 3090 Ventus 3X
MemoryG.Skill Trident Z RGB 4400 CL-17
MotherboardASUS ROG Strix Z690-A
Power SupplyUndisclosed
CaseLian Li 011 Dynamic XL Black
CoolerNZXT Kraken Z73
JoeWo Gaming PC

JoeWo has a pretty much maxed-out gaming PC. His CPU and graphics card are both the best of this generation while his other parts are top-end as well.

This gaming setup can easily max out Call of Duty and other esports titles without a problem.

JoeWo Streaming PC Specs

CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5950X
Graphics CardEVGA GeForce RTX 3090 Kingpin
MemoryG.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB RGB 3800MHz
MotherboardASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero
StorageMushkin Gamma Gen 4.0 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD
Power SupplyASUS ROG Thor 850 Watts
CaseThermaltake AH T600 Full Tower Case
CoolerCorsair QL120 RGB Fans
JoeWo Streaming PC

JoeWo uses two computers to stream on Twitch. One for playing and one dedicated to streaming. This allows him to play smoothly on one computer with no worries of lag or latency issues.

A dedicated streaming PC also helps in making sure the viewers are able to watch at the highest quality possible.

JoeWo Gaming Peripherals

ControllerScuf Reflex FPS
Thumb GripsKontrolFreek Vortex
MonitorAlienware AW2721D
HeadsetTurtle Beach Elite Pro 2
Mouse PadSteelSeries Qck XXL
MouseLogitech G502 Hero
MicrophoneShure SM7B
Mic StandBlue Compass
KeyboardLogitech G Pro Mechanical
MixerTC-Helicon GoXLR
CameraSony Alpha A6400
LensSony E 10-18mm f/4 lens
ChairHerman Miller Aeron
DeskIKEA Skogsta Dining Table
Foot SwitchiKKEGOL USB Single Pedal
JoeWo Gaming Peripherals

JoeWo uses a Scuf Gaming control with KontrolFreek thumb grips. He is a Scuf Gaming partner and also a Legion by Lenovo affiliate. He is also currently partnered with Western Digital.

Feel free to purchase the same gear as him but it is not recommended because it all boils down to personal preference. What works for JoeWo might not work for you.

Wrapping Up

JoeWo is a huge Call of Duty streamer and is constantly pulling thousands of viewers each stream. Hopefully, his Warzone settings, gaming peripherals, and equipment would help you frag and stay on top of the leaderboard.

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