Full Name Brian St. Pierre
Date Of BirthMarch 18, 1994
NationalityUnited States
Twitch Followers605,000
Kephrii Overwatch 2 Settings

Kephrii Career History

Like many other players, Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre started playing games at a very young age, starting off with “The Legend of Dragoon” on the PS1, and moving on to gain a likeness for first-person shooters. His gaming life fell short when he was enlisted in the U.S. Army. When he returned, he promptly made his way back to the gaming scene and has had massive success.

Kephrii is one of the more well-known professionals in the Overwatch community, known as well in Halo and World of Warcraft. The 28-year-old has amassed a huge following on both his YouTube and Twitch channel and has been playing alongside various teams, including VexX, eLevate, Team Liquid, and more. 

Other than Overwatch, Brian has also participated in tournaments for League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and CS:GO tournaments. It’s not just first-person shooters he’s good at!

Brian’s proficiency in gaming has led him to become a gaming star as he continues to earn money from different video streaming platforms through endorsements and contracts. No doubt crediting to his amazing personality. 

Overwatch is known to make people toxic due to the nature of its gameplay and community, yet his demeanor never changes in the slightest in even some of the most frustrating moments on stream. It’s been years, and he continues to show how good he is in different roles without any wasted movement during his gameplay.

Kephrii Overwatch Mouse Settings

cm = 360°43.30
Zoom Sensitivity35
Kephrii Overwatch 2 Mouse Settings

Fitzyhere Overwatch Crosshair Settings

Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length12
Center Gap6
Outline OpacityN/A
Dot Size5
Dot Opacity0

Kephrii Video Settings

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Hz240 Hz
Graphics QualityLow
Kephrii Overwatch 2 Video Settings

Kephrii PC Specs

CPURyzen 9 5950X @ 4.6 GHz
Graphics CardASUS ROG Strix RTX 2080Ti
RAMG.Skill Trident Z Neo
CaseLian Li Dynamic XL
Kephrii Overwatch 2 PC Specs

Kephrii Setup Peripherals

MonitorASUS ROG Swift
MouseASUS ROG Gladius
KeyboardASUS ROG Claymore
Kephrii Setup Peripherals

Wrapping Up

If you haven’t been able to tell, Kephri’s a big fan of ASUS (we’re assuming here), as is evident thanks to his choice of his GPU variant and peripherals. He definitely doesn’t like to play Overwatch with extremely low sensitivity and manages just fine going a bit over-the-top with his settings.

Kephrii was able to manage a win in the Fusion Showcase in 2018, while also earning his team(s) various positions throughout different competitions in the past 6 years. He’s well-active even now in the eSports scene and continually streams on Twitch while uploading highlights from his gameplay.

You might have noticed Kephrii initially for his insane skills as Widowmaker. His incredible accuracy makes him stand out in the Overwatch community. If you go up against him in a match, get ready to be sniped and picked out as soon as you see him. There’s no dodging that shot!

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