LuckyChamu Warzone 2 gameplay is competitive and an engaging stream to watch. He has been dominating the game for the past year. He intends to do the same in Warzone 2 and has already dropped some nukes in Warzone.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the most popular LuckyChamu Warzone 2 loadouts to improve your game. We all know that having a strong loadout is vital to winning the late game in Warzone 2.

LuckyChamu knows how to put a game-winning loadout together. Let’s take a look at them.

LuckyChamu Warzone 2 Best SMG Loadouts

LuckyChamu has been using the Fennec 45 as his main SMG in Warzone 2. This is one of the most used weapons currently in the game, up there with the Kastov 74U.

Fennec 45 Overview

The Fennec 45 is a seriously powerful weapon at close range. It has an extremely fast fire rate with manageable recoil making it a great choice for your loadout.

How To Unlock Fennec 45

To unlock the Fennec 45 in Warzone 2 you will need to reach level 38. Once you reach level 38 the Fennec 45 will instantly be available for use.

LuckyChamu Warzone 2 Fennec 45 Loadouts

LuckyChamu has been using the Hacksaw Fennec 45 Blueprint to

LuckyChamu Warzone 2 Loadouts
UnderbarrelFSS Sharkfin 90
MagazineFennec Mag 45
StockFTAC Locktight Stock
Rear GripFennec Rubber Grip
LuckyChamu Fennec 45 Loadout

LuckyChamu Best Assault Rifle In Warzone 2

LuckChamu, like most streamers has been using the TAQ-56 as his go-to weapon. It currently seems to be the Meta.

Taq-56 Overview

The TAQ-56 is performing extremely well right now in Warzone 2. It is a high-damage, low-recoil assault rifle which is extremely accurate at medium to long range.

How To Unlock Taq-56

The TAQ-56 is unlocked automatically when you reach level 19 in Warzone 2. It is also available as ground loot but is much better with the attachments below.

LuckyChamu TAQ-56 Loadout

LuckyChamu TAQ56 Loadout
LuckyChamu TAQ-56 Loadout
Barrel17.5″ Tundra Pro Barrel
MuzzleHarbinger D20
UnderbarrelCommando Foregrip
Ammunition5.56 High Velocity
Magazine60 Round Mag
LuckyChamu TAQ-56 Loadout

Wrapping Up

Those are the main loadouts Luckychamu is currently running in Season 1 of Warzone 2. Give these weapons a go and you’ll be sure to win a few more gunfights and hopefully pick up a few more wins.

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