What Does LULW Mean On Twitch?

LULW is the Twitch version of LoL and is used in funny situations on stream. It is a way of showing you are expressing laughter to your fellow viewers. It is also a variation of the other well uses expression on Twitch “LuL”.

LuLw also has an emote which is available to use through the FrankerfaceZ twitch extension.

How Can I Use The LuLw Emote On Twitch?

To use the LuLw emote on Twitch you will need to install the FrankerfaceZ chrome extension which gives you access to a whole range of third party emotes such as LuLw, Catjam and more.

To install FrankerfaceZ follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to FrankerfaceZ and install the extension for your specific browser.
  2. When logged into Twitch you will now see FrankerfaceZ emotes available in chat

When you select emotes in chat you will now see a FrankerfaceZ dropdown where you can search and use emotes that the streamer has selected for their channel. Just search for LuLW to see if the channel uses that emote then you will be able to post it in chat.

What Is The Origin Of The LuLW Emote

The LuLW emote is actually a variation of the original Lul emote. Before we can find the origin of LuLW we need to take a look at LuL.

LuL was originally uploaded to Twitch back in 2014 and stands for “Lame Uncomfortable Laugh”. It was uploaded to Twitch by Total Biscuit however shortly after it was uploaded the original photographer , Jonathan Tayag, requested it be taken down and Twitch complied.

However after some negotiation Jonathan agreed that the photo could be used as long as it was for free and not used for Subscription perks. It then became one of the most popular emotes on Twitch.

LuLW is a variation of the the LuL emote with a more zoomed view of the face.


When Should I Use LuLW on Twitch?

You should use the LulW emote on Twitch when you want to express laughter.


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