Who Is Lvndmark?

Lvndmark Stream Setup

LVNDMARK is an American streamer who started streaming a mere two years ago in 2019. Around the same time, he also started his YouTube channel. Since then, he has experienced explosive growth, with his Twitch following reaching an amazing 671,000 so far this year. To date, he has around 227,000 subscribers on YouTube. He credits most of his growth to the COVID-19 lockdown, as he was able to massively grow his audience around that time.

LVNDMARK considers himself a mainly first-person shooter game streamer, and Escape From Tarkov is his current main stream game.

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Lvndmark Stream Gear

Lvndmark Gaming PC Setup

Lvndmark Streaming PC Setup

Lvndmark Stream Setup In Detail

What Mouse Does Lvndmark Use?

Lvndmark uses the Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse

This is a great high end gaming mouse. It is extremely lightweight coming in at only 68 grams. This makes it perfect for performing those fast flicks in game.

The mouse has a 12,000 Max DPI and 6 programmable buttons. While the mouse is not wireless it comes with an Ascended cord which is light and flexible allowing you to have full range of movement.

What Keyboard Does Lvndmark Use?

Lvndmark uses the Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard.

This is a large keyboard which comes with a full extended num pad and is also RGB backlit. This looks great in any stream setup however you want to make sure you have the desk space for it.

In terms of key switches this keyboard uses Cherry MX mechanical key switches.

The keyboard can also store custom lighting profiles on board as it has 8MB of storage. This means you don’t need any extra software on your PC.

What Monitors Does Lvndmark Use?

Lvndmark uses the BenQ Zowie XL2540K 24.5 inch monitors.

This monitor is specifically designed with competitive gamers in mind. It has a 1920×1080 resolution with a 1ms response time and 240hz refresh rate. This gives Lvndmark the best possible edge a monitor can provide when playing high reaction time games such as Tarkov.

What Headset Does Lvndmark Use?

Lvndmark is using the Sennheiser HD 660s headphones.

The HD 660S are a top of the line headphone not necessarily tailored towards gamers. These headphones are regularly used in the music/audio industry. When it comes to getting the best quality in game sound these headphones are a great choice.

Lvndmark utilises them in Escape from Tarkov where having high quality sound is extremely important to getting an edge on the competition.

What Mouse Pad Does Lvndmark Use On Stream?

Lvndmark is using the Glorious 3XL Mouse Mat.

Having a large mouse mat is a great addition to your streaming setup. It gives you so much more freedom with your mouse while gaming. You will often see professionals play with a large mouse mat as it gives them better ability to be accurate in game and hit their shots.

What Microphone Does Lvndmark Use?

Lvndmark uses the Shure SM7B Microphone.

This is one of the most popular streaming mics out there. A large proportion of top streamers use this mic and you’ll also see it hanging in broadcast rooms all over the world. This microphone is quite quiet as standard so you will also need a Pre-amp such as the cloud lifter to boost gain and get the best out of your mic.

What Webcam Does Lvndmark Use?

Lvndmark uses the Sony a6000 as his webcam.

Lvndmark uses a DSLR setup to improve his stream quality. This means you connect a high quality camera to your stream using a capture card to get much better quality than a webcam. If you want to do this I wrote a full guide on how to set it up here.

Lvndmark uses the Sony a6000 camera combined with a Lens which we are unable to identify. This is then connected to his computer using an Elgato camlink however there is a cheaper alternative to the Elgato camlink for only $20.

What Mixer Does Lvndmark Use?

Lvndmark uses the Go XLR Mini Mixer.

The Go XLR Mini is the perfect affordable audio solution for streamer. It gives you sliders to control the volume of 4 different audio sources (Mic, Chat, Music and System). It provides studio quality EQ, compression and gating making your voice sound as good as possible. If you want full control over the audio on your stream this is a great option.

Wrapping Up Lvndmark Stream Setup

This is all the info we currently have on Lvndmark stream setup. If you have anymore info on his PC or peripherals please let us know in the comments so we can keep this article up to date.

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