In 2022 there was an average of 7.68 Million broadcasters on Twitch but only a few make it to the top. While most streamers only ever stream to a couple of people others get rocketed into fame and stardom at the top of the Twitch leaderboards.

In this article, we will look at the current largest English streamers on the platform. Some of these streamers have been long-standing icons in the Twitch community while others have had a rapid rise to the top over the past year.

Let’s see who is topping the list in 2022.

Top 10 Most Subbed Twitch Streamers Leaderboard

Top 10 Most Subbed Twitch Streamers 2022

These are the most subbed Twitch streamers in the world right now with No. 10 coming in at 19,828 subs and the No. 1 streamer coming in at 86,883 subs. That’s some serious money coming in every single month.

10. BrucedropEmoff

BruceDropEmOff Twitch Stream
BrucrDropEmOff Twitch Stream

BruceDropEmOff is currently in the Top 10 most subbed Twitch streamers with just under 20,000 subscribers. Bruce mainly streams in the just chatting category doing reaction content but also occasionally plays games such as 2K and Warzone.

Bruce has been streaming consistently since 2016 but only really got his big break in 2020 and has consistently been growing month after month since then. If he keeps this current trajectory up he’ll make his way higher into the Top 10.

9. YourRageGaming

YourRageGaming Stream

YourRageGaming is currently the number 9 spot on the Top 10 most subbed Twitch streamers list with 20,843 Subscribers. He started his streaming career back in January 2019 and really started to gain a large following in early 2020. Since then he has been consistently growing month over month.

He recently got a huge boost after streaming with KaiCenat and Adin ross. His stream mainly consists of a variety of content. One minute he could be playing God of War Ragnarok and the next reacting to another creator’s content.

Either way, he has grinded his way to the number 9 spot on the top 10 subbed Twitch streamers list.

8. Towelliee

Toweliee World of Warcraft Stream
Toweliee Twitch Stream

Toweliee has been around for a LONG time and is one of the most consistent streamers on Twitch. While he may not hit anywhere close to some of the live viewers other people on this list get his subscriber count makes up for it. As he’s consistently been streaming to a few thousand viewers daily for years he has a loyal backlog of subs who stay subscribed.

He currently comes in at the number 8 spot on the list and has over 25,000 subscribers. That’s what consistent streaming for years on end can get you. You’ll generally find Towelliee playing World Of Warcraft or some other form of MMO.

7. Summit1G

Summit1G Twitch Stream
Summit1G Twitch Stream

Summit1G is one of the OGs of the streaming world. He has been streaming for over a decade at this point after starting streaming back in 2012. That is some serious dedication to the grind.

This consistency over a long period of time has paid off massively for him. He is currently number 7 on the list with over 36,000 Subscribers.

He has been averaging anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 live viewers since January 2017 and is now a variety streamer. You will usually find him playing shooters or variety games or even roll playing on a GTA Server.

6. Adinross

AdinRoss Twitch Stream
AdinRoss Twitch Stream

AdinRoss rose to fame rather quickly when lockdown hit back in 2020. He was growing steadily throughout 2020 but lockdown took him to new heights and he became one of the largest streamers on Twitch during that period.

His content mainly consisted of gambling streams, 2K and GTA Roleplay during this time. He now streams with some of the biggest names in rap and had Andrew Tate on his stream regularly during Tates meteoric rise. All of this has helped to keep AdinRoss relevant with massive viewer numbers for the past couple of years.

He currently has over 39,000 subscribers and is still pulling over 60,000 average viewers per stream. He even has a controversial stream coming up with Kanye West.

5. Asmongold

Asmongold Twitch stream
Asmongold Twitch Stream

Asmongold is another OG on Twitch and has been around for a very long time. He got his rise in the early days of Twitch playing World of Warcraft. He now occasionally plays World Of Warcraft but also does a lot of variety/reaction-style content talking about current events.

This has allowed him to blow up his Youtube channel with clips of currently trending topics.

He currently has just over 40,000 Twitch Subscribers on his channel and has a very loyal fanbase which he has built over the past 10 years.

4. Nickmercs

Nickmercs Twitch Stream
NickMercs Twitch Stream

Nickmercs comes in at Number 4 on the list with over 46,000 subscriptions on his channel. Nick is another streamer that has been grinding for years before seeing a huge boost in his audience.

He got his first big spurt of growth during the peak Fortnite days in 2018 and then again during lockdown Warzone. He now mainly plays Apex Legends and has jumped into the competitive side of things.

He now has over 6.5 million followers and averages over 20,000 viewers a stream.

3. Hasanabi

Hasanabi Twitch Stream
Hasanabi Twitch Stream

Hasanabi is a political and current events streamer. He has been streaming since 2018 after leaving Young Turks. He mainly streams in the Just chatting category and has had steady growth since he started streaming.

He now streams to an average of 25,000 viewers and has over 63,000 subscribers on Twitch putting him in the Number 3 spot currently.

2. XQC

XQC Twitch Stream
Xqc Twitch Stream

xQc has been dominating Twitch for the past 2 years. His fan base absolutely love him and he has managed to stay relevant for a very long period of time. He has averaged over 10,000 viewers since 2018 and has been in a consistent growth phase. He currently manages to pull in over 50,000 average viewers per stream.

He is currently number 2 on the list of most subbed twitch streamers with over 75,000 subscribers. You will generally find him in the just chatting category reacting to other people’s content or potentially playing a new game release.

1. KaiCenat

Kaicenat Twitch Stream
KaiCenat Twitch Stream

Kaicenat has had one of the fastest rises to fame on Twitch in 2022. He only started streaming back in March of 2021 and has quickly become the number one streamer on Twitch even crossing 100,000 subscribers in a single month.

He currently has over 86,000 subscribers at the time of writing. He has blown up by doing some of the craziest streams we have seen on Twitch. He regularly streams with popular rappers and collaborates with other streamers on Twitch.

His streams are generally in the just chatting category and are usually well-thought-out streams with a specific topic or game being played.

Wrapping Up

So, those are the top 10 twitch streamers right now on the platform. It’s a wide mix of streamers with some of them having an explosive rise this year while others have been on top for as long as 10 years.

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