NBA 2K23 is the latest and greatest entry to the infamous NBA 2K series. The game offers abundant freedom to create builds that suit your playstyle. Plus, you get to play with the NBA legends themselves!

While all of us would love to dive straight into the game, breaking ankles left and right, NBA 2K23 is a far more technical game. Your stats and ratings affect your performance on the court. You need to carefully select the best animations and stats for your MyPlayer rating to be maximized.

Here are the best Free Throw animations in NBA 2K23:

  • Stephen Curry
  • Devin Booker
  • Michael Jordan
  • Free Throw 55

These are the most popular and balanced Free Throw animations in NBA 2K23.

Curious to know more about our lineup? We bet! Keep reading to learn more about the best Free Throw animations in NBA 2K23. We will be discussing each of these individually so you can make a more informed decision. Let’s get right into it!

Best Free Throw Animation NBA 2K23

What is the best Free Throw Animation in NBA 2K23? Well, our list consists of the most popular choices among 2K players, along with the ones that have the best Free Throw rate. Why is this important?

Some might argue it is for success in the game, but mainly it is important so you can tell Thorn where to stick it. With our lineup of the best NBA 2K23 Free Throw animations, you can even beat him first try! Let us get right into it:

Stephen Curry

Let us kick things off with a beast. Stephen Curry is a prominent figure in basketball and if you are a huge fan of him you might want to pick this player. Stephen Curry is good for rookie players and his style would aid you in getting a lot of greens.

Stephen Curry can certainly hit some of the best shots in NBA 2K23 with his style. You can achieve a rating of 90+ easily with his throw skills. He has an excellent release speed and height that would take your shots far. The man is one of the realest G’s in the NBA game. 

Devin Booker

Devin Booker is another contender for the best free throw animation in NBA 2K23. The Phoenix Suns player packs quite a punch, and his Free Throw animation is no joke either!

Booker has a whopping 86 rating on his Free Throws which are guaranteed to get you out of pinches whenever necessary. Devin made Daddy proud with his ball skills, and he wouldn’t dream of disappointing you!

Devin Booker’s Free Throw animation is one of the best choices in NBA 2K23 guaranteed to shine through and provide results when needed the most. 

Michael Jordan

The man himself… MJ! The basketball legend has been the face of the sport ever since we’ve started watching the game. A part of us can still hear the crowd exploding into applause as Jordan scored his legendary free throw line dunk. 

It comes as no surprise that he would be an absolute legend in NBA 2K23 as well. Michael Jordan is a personal favorite from our lineup and his Free Throw spells serious trouble.

If you want a quick way of scoring some greens while not compromising other parts of your build, then MJ is the way to go. His Free Throw animation will serve you loyally and royally. 

Free Throw 55

This is the most balanced option on today’s list. The Free Throw 55 is a smooth animation for new players to experiment and play around with. The stat optimization will have you scoring enough greens to get around until you can land something better. 

Whilst this may not compare to some of the big names on the list, but then again, what does? The Free Throw 55 is not to be taken lightly and has enough fight in it to get you through the pesky Thorn Free Throw challenge.

Wrapping Up

That brings our guide on the best NBA 2K23 Free Throw Animations to an end. We made sure to do our homework so you wouldn’t have to. With this list, you’ll be scoring left and right in style.

No fit in this game guarantees you a foolproof shot at scoring a Free Throw every single time, but our recommendations are well balanced and get the job done when needed. We hope this guide helped you find what you were looking for. If it did, be sure to leave a comment down below and let us know. Your feedback is much appreciated. Happy balling! 

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