The latest entry to the NBA 2K games does not disappoint! Offering superior build diversity than its predecessors. NBA 2K23 is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. The customization variety and refined gameplay are laudable, to say the least.

Players have the option to customize their character and invest in certain badges, abilities, and attributes to create the ideal player for their desired position. NBA 2K23 is an ecstatic trip for basketball buffs who want to experience the thrill of the court even when they cannot play. Here is how to create the best Point Guard build in NBA 2K23.

The best Point Guard build in NBA 2K23 comprises of an average height (sorry, Isaiah Thomas) point guard with a focus on offensive abilities and stats linked with endurance and some flashy finishers for the chills we ball-heads crave. 

The exact stats and settings are mentioned below to create a powerhouse Point Guard in NBA 2K23. It should be noted that players will need to sacrifice a bit of defense and playmaking for a solid Point Guard build. This also entails giving up on the awesome Shooting badges as well.

So, without further ado, let us engineer the best Point Guard build in NBA 2K23.

Best Point Guard Build (NBA 2K23)

Let us take a look at the best Point Guard build in NBA 2K23 so you can dunk on the haters and flex your ball skills to the world. This build compromises a bit on the shooting and defensive aspects to compensate and create a killer Point Guard build. Let us have a look:

Body Settings

Your character’s basic bodily features matter quite a bit in a game such as NBA 2K23. For example, a Point Guard usually has a short or average height but makes your way into the inner ring and it is a battle of the giants by the hoop. 

NBA 2K23 allows players to set everything from their character’s height, and wingspan, to body type. The greater wingspan here makes up for some cut corners in the defense section (more on this later).

The following Body settings are ideal for our best Point Guard build:

  • Height: 6’4’’
  • Weight: 180
  • Wingspan: 6’11’’
  • Body Type: Solid

These Body attributes guarantee phenomenal physicals without becoming too bulky to boot. Those are the ideal traits for a Point Guard!

Attribute Potential

Attributes for the best Point Guard build in NBA 2K23 will have a balanced Defense/Rebounding which is nothing to write home about, but gets the job done. A Point Guard does not specialize in defense, and hence, those Attribute points are better invested elsewhere.

Next up, let us create a powerful Point Guard with the perfect Attributes:

Finishing Attributes

  • Close Shot: 49
  • Driving Layup: 74
  • Driving Dunk: 80
  • Standing Dunk: 25
  • Post Control: 25

Shooting Attributes

  • Mid-Range Shot: 77
  • Three-Point Shot: 92
  • Free Throw: 67

Playmaking Attributes

  • Pass Accuracy: 85
  • Ball Handle: 94
  • Speed with Ball: 92

Defense/Rebounding Attributes

  • Interior Defense: 25
  • Perimeter Defense: 78
  • Steal: 71
  • Block: 27
  • Offensive Rebound: 25
  • Defensive Rebound: 32


  • Speed: 85
  • Acceleration: 90
  • Strength: 25
  • Vertical: 60
  • Stamina: 94

These are the best Attribute settings for a killer 99 OVR in NBA 2K23. The Physicals have been balanced and optimized for superb endurance and a weaker focus on Strength. Your Point Guard will be thanking you for these sweet Attributes allocated wisely. 


Badges are what will set the game’s tone and pace for you as they play a big hand in determining your Point Guard’s performance on the court. You will see that our ideal Point Guard build cuts corners when it comes to Shooting and really gets generous when it comes to the Playmaking section.

This is because the Point Guard is The One. The Point Guard does not really snake through but his contribution is of utmost importance in basketball. So, while he may not be scoring and dunking left and right, these badges will turn your character into a powerhouse.

Finishing Badges

  • Slithery: Gold 
  • Fearless Finisher: Gold

Shooting Badges

  • Guard Up: Gold
  • Limitless Range: Silver

Playmaking Badges

  • Floor General: Hall of Fame
  • Bail Out: Gold
  • Clamp Breaker: Gold
  • Unpluckable: Gold
  • Needle Threader: Gold

Defense/Rebounding Badges

  • Clamps: Hall of Fame
  • Pick Dodger: Hall of Fame


Your Takeovers are very important in NBA 2K23. Think of these as realistic buffs that occur at times in the game. While the ones we have mentioned are really good for this build, players can opt for team-based Takeovers as their secondary if they so desire. 

The overall quality of these Takeover selections is balanced and will provide you with the most bang for your buck.

The effective Takeovers for this build are:

  • Primary Takeover: Limitless Range
  • Secondary Takeover: Playmaker

Best Team For Point Guards

While there are a handful of options for the teams when it comes to Point Guard builds, the ideal rule of thumb is a team like the Clippers or Lakers that have okay-ish Point Guards and stronger players in other positions.

This way, your Point Guard becomes the rudimentary element to the team’s inner-offensive plays and enhances the team’s overall quality. A strong Point Guard will seal the last cracks in a team’s weakness and create an iron-clad powerhouse destined for some intense plays.

Wrapping Up

That concludes our guide on the best Point Guard build in NBA 2K23. Players are sure to benefit from the smartly-allocated attributes and the careful selection of badges to get the most value out of their Point Guard without sacrificing too much of other attributes and skills.

We sincerely hope that this guide helped in creating your dream Point Guard build in NBA’s latest and greatest entry. Leave a comment below and let us know if it did. Your feedback is much appreciated. Happy balling!

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