Knowing where NBA 2K23 saves your game progression and setting profiles locally can be helpful, especially if you plan on installing any mods and don’t want to corrupt your settings.

There is no “Save Games” folder for NBA 2K23 as it utilizes cloud saves but you can navigate to the AppData folder to find some locally saved profile settings.

The latest NBA game is out, and fans of the series are enjoying it on the platform of their choice. Some of them are unfortunately facing issues and crashes that require them to check up on their save files. If you are one of those people, you’ve come to the perfect article.

NBA 2K23 Save Game Location

Since NBA 2K23 relies on cloud saves to sync your settings and progress, you will never lose progress, even if you change devices or platforms. But this also means that there is no conventional “Save Games” folder for NBA 2K23 in your Documents.

So, if you are facing any bugs, errors, or issues where NBA 2K23 crashes on startup, you’re gonna have to rely on other fixes or try to access the game’s config file.

Config File Location

To find the NBA 2K23 local config file location, you will have to navigate to the location mentioned below:

For PC

If you are on a PC, head over to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Steam\Userdata\profilename\1919590 to find the local config files.

For Playstation 5

For the PS5, navigate to the Storage Device settings, there you’ll see the Saved Data folder which has NBA 2K23 inside it.

For Xbox Series X|S

If your platform of choice for NBA 2K23 is the Xbox Series X|S, then you’ll have to look inside the Add-ons section of your NBA 2K23 options to find the Saved Data folder.

The primary advantage of gaining access to local files is that you can delete them if they seem to be corrupted. This can be identified by checking if your game is opening up properly. If it isn’t, one way to rectify it is by deleting your config files.

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