Full Name Vladan Konstantinov
Date Of Birth13 May, 1990
AliasessorceN, Necros, necros_ow
TeamContent Creator
Twitch Followers244,000
Necros Overwatch 2 Settings

Necros Career History

Within the Overwatch community lies a separate space for Genji mains, and out of all of them, some of the best dominate the entire field with their slashes and dashes. One of these exceptional players is Necros, right up there with Seagull and the others. Necros is a Genji main that started his ranked journey in Overwatch 2 with its release and has been yet again, claiming his rightful place within the Grandmaster tier.

Necros’ flicks with Genji are particularly fast, and he has catered all of his settings with respect to the character, playing at a sensitivity of 10 with 800 DPI. Moreover, he likes to use a simple ‘dot’ as his crosshair for Genji.

Throughout his time playing Overwatch, he has managed to score the highest SR in all seasons, from S1 to S10. If you’re aspiring to be a Genji main and if you genuinely find the character fun, it might be a good touch to draw your inspiration from Necros himself and try out a few of his settings for yourself.

Necros Overwatch 2 Settings – Mouse Settings

cm = 360°N/A
Zoom SensitivityN/A
Necros Overwatch 2 Mouse Settings

Necros Overwatch 2 Settings – Crosshair Settings

Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length0
Center Gap0
Outline Opacity0
Dot Size5
Dot Opacity100
Necros Overwatch 2 Settings

Necros Video Settings

Check out our recommended settings for High FPS in Overwatch 2.

Graphics QualityLow
Necros Overwatch 2 Video Settings

Necros PC Specs

CPUIntel Core i9 9900K
Graphics CardRTX 2080 Ti
RAMG.SKILL 16 GB Trident Z Royal RGB 4266 MHz
CaseNZXT H440
Necros PC Specs

Necros Setup Peripherals

Monitor144 Hz ASUS VG248QE
MouseLogitech GPro / Zowie EC2-A
KeyboardLogitech G Pro
Necros Setup Peripherals

Wrapping Up

Over the years, while Necros hasn’t exactly won any tournaments, he has managed to earn roughly $1,500 by participating in three tournaments, which is fairly impressive. Observing his gameplay, we notice that he leaves no character movement wasted which always ends up giving him the positional advantage over his enemies, allowing him to gain quick successful eliminations to keep the momentum for Genji going. All of which he has gained mastery over with the settings mentioned above.

While the sensitivity may be a little far off from what you’re currently playing, it’s still a good idea to play with something similar, and set it for Genji exclusively as the character requires you to actively move your camera around A LOT.

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