The long-awaited Overwatch 2 has just dropped and people who are able to get into the game are loving it. However, many people still can’t access the game and those who can are reporting that their Watchpoint pack coins are missing.

The Watchpoint Pack was a $39.99 upgrade for Overwatch 2 and included access to the new character Kiriko, Skins and cosmetics as well as 2000 coins.

$39.99 is an expensive welcome pack to a game. Players are rightly annoyed that they are unable to use their coins or access the new Character. Overwatch has acknowledged that this is an issue and they are currently working to fix it.

How To Get Watchpoint Pack & 2000 Coins In Overwatch 2

While Blizzard is currently working to fix the issue, some people have been able to access their coins by utilizing the fixes below. While we expect the issue to be fixed soon, you may want to try these to get access to the pack as soon as possible.

The problem stopping people from receiving their coins is the account merge system failing. Blizzard has reported that this is happening for roughly half of the player pool.

Try the steps below to merge your account and redeem your 2000 coins:

  1. Log in to Overwatch on your console
  2. Scan the QR code using your phone
  3. Create or connect your existing account by using the code displayed on your console
  4. Confirm your account when you log in again

You can check out our full guide to merging your account.

Others have reported that completely logging out and back into their accounts has made their coins appear.

Is Kiriko Locked In Overwatch 2?

One of the new characters Kiriko is currently locked from ranked battles. Kiriko was an early unlock bonus in the Watchpoint Pack but as many haven’t received their packs, they have decided to make this character unplayable in ranked.

Once these issues have been resolved and people get access to their 2000 coins and Watchpoint pack items, you will be able to use Kiriko in ranked play.

Can I Purchase The Watchpoint Pack

Currently, you are unable to purchase the Watchpoint pack anymore as there have been so many problems with it. Check this page to see all of the current Bugs and which ones have been fixed.

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, this is not how we expected the Overwatch 2 launch to go down. However, these things happen with such a big game launch and all we can do now is wait. Hopefully, the developers can resolve as many of these issues as possible before the weekend.

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