If you’ve been familiar with the world of Overwatch, you’d have an idea of how overpowered Orisa is. From protecting your team on defence and allowing you to push on offence, she’s got all the moves you’d want from a tank. So if you’re thinking about learning to master her abilities, you’ve come to the right place! 

Changes To Orisa In Overwatch 2

Almost all of Orisa’s abilities were snatched from her and replaced with better and balanced ones. Blizzard aims to make her a hero who can be more engaged in gunfights rather than someone who can sit at the back and still safeguard her allies.

The new changes made don’t seem to take away her destructive nature; they do, however, take away a small chunk of her abilities that would make her a tank. Nevertheless, to say, she can still provide your allies’ safety with the current abilities she has under her arsenal.  

Augment Fusion Driver: Primary Fire (Reworked)

Her old Fusion Driver has been transformed into the new augmented Fusion Driver, which is significantly more powerful. With there being no ammo count on it anymore, you might as well call it a weapon of mass destruction. However, it does have a cooldown where the gun will overheat if you constantly keep spamming it. 

Even more, they’ve added the concept of damage falloff to her Fusion Driver. This means that enemies closer to Orisa will be desecrated with more ease now compared to ones that are at a distance.

Energy Javelin: Secondary Fire (New Ability)

Her new ability, the Energy Javelin, makes her more of an offensive-minded hero. It can be thrown at enemies that will stun them, damage them for 60 and push them back a little. Enemies will also receive additional 40 damage if they get knocked into a wall. 

The ability has a short, 6 second cooldown so can be spammed as well to keep your enemies always on their feet. This ability makes Orisa ever more powerful against squishier heroes who won’t be able to tank continuous damage from the javelin.

Fortify: Shift (New Ability)

The Fortify ability allows Orisa to get into the midst of a heated fight, where she can use it to reduce damage taken by up to 40%. The ability will last for about 4 seconds, which she can utilize as an escape to Junkrat’s traps along with Sigma’s and Zarya’s ultimate. 

Javelin Spin: E (New Ability)

The javelin is also used as part of a new defensive ability, the Javelin Spin. The ability disintegrates and incoming projectiles, allowing Orisa to push forward like a true Tank. Anyone who comes into contact with you will deal damage, so they’re forced to step back.

You can also pair the Javelin Spin with other of Orisa’s abilities, like the Energy Javelin to spear your enemies into a wall and deal extra damage.

Terra Surge: Q (New Ability And Ultimate)

Upon activation, her new ultimate, Terra Surge will give her the effects of fortify, where she will swing her javelin in midair, pulling enemies towards her. The damage will keep scaling up till the time she charges her javelin to the ground, dealing a fatal blow, especially if you’re low on HP.

Note: Key configurations mentioned above are default for PC. They can be changed from the in-game settings.

Things To Keep In Mind When Playing Orisa

Orisa can be quite the game changer, with the ability to initiate fights as well as throw enemies off the map if they’re annoying her allies too much. If you’re looking to main the hero, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  1. You can use her Energy Javelin to push back charging enemies or knock them away for your allies to reposition themselves
  2. You can initiate team fights with your Javelin Spin or lure away enemies to finish them off
  3. You can throw enemies off the map with your Javelin Spin
  4. Orisa’s Fortify can be stacked with your javelin abilities to survive longer in a fight 
  5. Don’t use your Fortify right before your ultimate since the ultimate will give you the effects of it anyway. Once your ultimate ends, you can immediately use Fortify to stack the effect
  6. You can use Tera Surge to pull enemies out of position, causing chaos in the enemy team
  7. Orisa should be used by keeping one basic rule in mind: Isolate and eliminate. Strategically isolate your enemies and eliminate them when you have an opening

Wrapping Up

While Orisa seems to have gotten a total revamp, she’s still one of the greatest tanks available in the game. With a little coordination and teamwork, she can provide you with the opening to wipe out the enemy’s carry and get you out from positions where you were being absolutely nailed.

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