Who Is Scump?

Twitch Streamer Scump

Scump, also known as Seth Abner, is a professional Call of Duty player who currently plays for the team Optic. He is a force to be reckoned with, having won over $1,000,000 through Call of Duty tournaments since 2011.

In his childhood, Scump got started playing the game Halo on his Xbox 360. This started him on his passion for first-person shooters, which eventually turned into a love for the Call of Duty franchise. When he got into the 7th grade, he started playing ladder matches. He quickly won his first LAN tournament back in Black Ops 1, and he has since been known as one of the best players in the game.

Scump joined Optic in 2011, and started streaming in 2015 after he moved into the Optic gaming house. He began taking Twitch seriously in 2020, and since then he has exploded on the platform.

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Scump Stream Gear

Scump Gaming PC Setup

Scump Stream Setup In Detail

What Webcam Does Scump Use?

Scump uses the Logitech Brio.

The Logitech Brio is a step up from the C922 pro. It provides Ultra 4K video and has a noise-canceling microphone, though for streamers the mic is most often ignored. The Brio has a relatively wide field of view. Complemented by the high-definition auto lighting correction, great video gets delivered even when lighting isn’t perfect.

The field of view can be set to 90 degrees, 78 degrees, or 65 degrees through the software to allow the camera to show more or less of the background. An included privacy shade allows the lens to be blocked when not in use.

What Mic Does Scump Use?

Scump uses the Shure SM7B.

This is one of the most popular streaming mics out there. A large proportion of top streamers use this mic and you’ll also see it hanging in broadcast rooms all over the world. This microphone is quite quiet as standard so you will also need a Pre-amp such as the cloud lifter to boost gain and get the best out of your mic.

What Headset Does Scump Use?

Scump uses the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2.

Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro 2 headphones is a pair of pro performance headphones. They are compatible with just about everything — mobile, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and of course, PC. These headphones have NanoClear 50mm drivers for that perfect audio users need to play the game. The microphone offers noise cancelling for crystal clear communication. It’s also removable, in case users prefer to use a dedicated microphone instead.

Comfort is also a priority with these headphones, thanks to Turtle Beach’s Aerofit Ear Cup Cushions, which also provide some passive noise cancellation.

What Keyboard Does Scump Use?

Scump uses the Alienware AW2518HF.

Scump is using the Alienware AW2518HF monitor. This is a 24 inch 240hz monitor which is perfect for fast-paced gameplay. Having a 240hz monitor allows you to get the most responsive gameplay and get an edge on your competition.

Wrapping Up Scump Stream Setup

This is all the info we currently have on Scump stream setup. If you have any more info on his PC or peripherals please let us know in the comments so we can keep this article up to date.

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