Now and then, a game comes out that has an amazing premise and becomes an instant favorite among many players. One such game is Aragami, a game where you play as a shadow spirit on his journey to collect a certain number of special talismans to release a very powerful individual.

To accomplish this, you need to complete all of the missions provided in order, all of which have their own challenges and complicating factors. Everything about this game screams stealthy shadow gameplay where you have to calculate your approach and make sure that you execute everything perfectly.

There is also a sequel, Aragami 2, that is equally as interesting as the first one. However, you might not know if you should play the games in order and that’s why we’re here. With all of our info, you’ll know exactly if you should play Aragami 1 before Aragami 2!

Should I Play Aragami 1 Before Aragami 2?

No. The stories of the two games are unrelated and you don’t have to play Aragami 1 to be able to enjoy Aragami 2. With that being said, you definitely shouldn’t skip Aragami 1 because it is an unforgettable classic that is hard to beat!

Should I Play Aragami?

The original Aragami is a fantastic game with an interesting premise of shadowy stealth gameplay on top of a very satisfying and well-written story. In this game, you play as Aragami, a shadow spirit that has been summoned by a girl called Yamiko to scour the lands for sixteen talismans.

These talismans are used to bring an Empress and her entourage back to the physical world. Since there are sixteen talismans, there are sixteen missions you can complete, and all of them have a different layout to make them more challenging.

Credit: Steam

Of course, there are many enemies scattered around the levels and you need to use the environment to your advantage, such as teleporting from shadow to shadow to get the jump on foes. There are many more mechanics that make this game more complex, such as a skill tree and character upgrades. The conclusion is that Aragami is an amazing game that is well worth the playtime you put into it.

Should I Play Aragami 2?

Moving on, we have Aragami 2. While the story of this game is not related to the first one, you can still expect the same emphasis on badass assassins that execute enemies with style and elegance. The story of Aragami 2 follows the Aragami, a caste of elite assassins that are afflicted by a strange illness that decomposes the mind and body.

Most of the game is centered around you roaming the lands looking for other Aragami assassins to free from captivity and to find a final cure to the plague. Unlike the first game, Aragami 2 has notably less stealth gameplay and instead focuses on outright hand-to-hand combat.

Credit: Steam

Something you’ll notice as you play is that the combat is quite fluid and intense, with a ton of different combinations and approaches to use. Character customization is also present here where you can find new gear and upgrade your existing gear so your Aragami assassin fits your playstyle. Aragami 2 is an excellent game that you should try out if you’re a fan of the first game.

How Are They Connected?

When it comes to the story of the two games, it is unrelated, with the story of the second game taking place 100 years after the first one. The connection is mostly only in the main aesthetic of the story as well as the general gameplay, but that does not downplay the quality of the games.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the Aragami games have a lot to offer to a very specific gaming audience that enjoys stealth gameplay and developing your own approaches to the various scenarios in them. We sincerely hope that you have found all of the answers you were looking for and that you have all of the information you need to start playing these incredible games!

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