When you’re looking for a good horror game, you’re going to want ambiance and a setting that is so immersive that you feel like you’re actually there. These games are few and far between, but there is one hidden gem that ticks all of the markers for an amazing horror experience — Dead Space.

Dead Space is essentially Resident Evil with a heavy Sci-Fi influence focused on delivering gory body horror and a good amount of action. The game came out in 2008 and a remake is in the works for early 2023, so you might be wondering if you should experience all of the glory of the first one before tackling the next-gen beast.

No worries, we’ll give you all of the information you need.

Should I Play Dead Space Before The Remake?

That would be a resounding yes. The first game was and still is a marvel of its time that redefined the horror game genre. Playing the original before the remake will make sure that you can experience the foundations of the game as they were originally set, as well as appreciate the graphical updates that enhance the experience of the original.

Should I Play Dead Space?

You should absolutely play Dead Space! The game is set in the distant future where technology has been vastly improved and interstellar travel has been perfected. Something that is quite lucrative at this time is planet cracking, where you mine a planet for useful materials.

The USG Ishimura, a very large planet cracker has lost contact with central, and a group of people is sent there to check the situation out. Your character, Isaac Clarke, is the engineer of the group brought along to help. As soon as you enter the ship, you are attacked by grotesque malformed monsters that used to be the ship’s inhabitants. You’re cut off from the rest of the team and you have to navigate the ship to get back to safety.

Credit: bit-tech

The corners are quite tight and all you can use to defend yourself is mining equipment you find laying around. The story is gripping and you will constantly find yourself fighting for your life with little room to breathe. Overall, the game is amazing and every fan of survival horror should give it a shot.

What Can We Expect From The Remake?

The remake was announced in the middle of 2021 and we have received a decent amount of feedback from the developers regarding the improvements and their plan to make the remake as enjoyable as possible. From what we know at the moment, they have revamped the dismemberment mechanic, where you can see the flesh peeling from the bones of the enemies as you shoot them.

Lighting is a big thing now as well, with massively improved ambiance on top of higher sound quality. Further, the developers are adding even more improvements to general gameplay and small details that make it more immersive. Unfortunately, they have recently announced that they would be going dark until they make more progress in the game.


This is good because they can focus all of their energy on producing the game. With all of the information we have been given, we are sure that the game is going to blow us away and make its mark as one of the best next-gen horror games in recent times.

How Are They Connected?

The two games are exactly the same, with one of them being a full-blown remake that adds a multitude of graphical improvements as well as new mechanics to improve the user experience. The developers have stated that they are reaching out to the community to make sure the game is complete and that any issues of the past can be resolved.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, all of the information you could want for Dead Space and its upcoming remake. We can’t wait for the remake to come out and wow us with all of the improvements. Also, we sincerely hope that you have found everything you were looking for and can enjoy the horror of the Dead Space franchise more thoroughly.