Life is Strange is an excellent interactive game that concerns itself with some fantastic social topics while adding a bit of fantasy flair to the real world. Your choices can drive you in different directions that can drastically change the outcome of the game. This is precisely what makes the game appealing.

The gameplay of Life is Strange is episodic, meaning that you select the episode you want to play and it presents you with a situation. There are multiple Life is Strange games available that might change your perspective on the game if you’re not accustomed to the story, so we’re here to tell you if you should play Life is Strange: Before The Storm before Life is Strange 2!

Should I Play Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Before Life Is Strange 2?

Yes. The story of Before The Storm takes place three years before the original game so if you’re just coming off that one, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the past so you can better appreciate the overall story and the character development that comes with it.

Should I Play Life Is Strange: Before The Storm?

Just like the original game, Life is Strange: Before the Storm features very interactive gameplay following Chloe, a teenage girl in a complicated world that she has to brave on her own. The gameplay is episodic so you play through certain scenarios, interacting with people and creating relationships with them to the best of your abilities.

Just like other games of this nature, Life is Strange: Before the Storm has dialogue options that can go sour if you choose them at the wrong time, potentially netting you a few enemies in the process. Compared to the original game, this one has a new dialogue mechanic called Backtalk that allows you to add a bit of spice to your sentences so you appear more brash and unpredictable.

life is strange screenshot
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This can either have negative connotations for whoever you’re speaking with, or it can get you out of difficult situations. In any case, if you’re looking for a very fun interactive storytelling game, you are in the right place with Life is Strange: Before the Storm!

Should I Play Life Is Strange 2?

The 2018 release of Life is Strange follows a different storyline than the first game, and tells the tale of two brothers growing up and developing their personalities as you play. The brothers are named Sean and Daniel.

Your choices for them throughout the story will define their relationship with each other as well as other people you meet. When you talk to an NPC, you’ll be prompted to choose from several dialogue options. If you choose to be brash and intense, your characters will develop that way. If you’re more caring and sympathetic… well, you know what happens then.

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The community side of things is also important in this game since you can see which percentage of people chose the same option you did when talking to an NPC. This happens with all of the interactions you have and lets you have some insight into how other players play.

Overall, Life is Strange 2 is a massive success that takes the foundations of the first game and improves them for a wonderful experience. If you get the time, check it out!

How Are They Connected?

When it comes to the narrative, Life is Strange: Before the Storm is not connected to Life is Strange 2, since the plot of the latter follows a completely different story. With that said, Life is Strange and Before the Storm are directly connected. This means that you can just jump into the last game if you would prefer it over the other two.

Wrapping Up

Alright! Now the story can begin! With all of the information we have provided, you should be able to make a confident, informed decision about the game you want to play. No matter which game you go for, you’re in for a treat because all of the Life is Strange games have phenomenal storytelling and flawless narrative. We sincerely hope that you have found everything you were looking for!

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