When it comes to the cinematic and storytelling aspect of video games, few can surpass The Last of Us. The original game tells a gripping story of the zombie apocalypse and the difficult road to salvation, only to be faced with an impossible decision — something you’ll have to find out yourself.

The game got a sequel released in 2020 that extended the story even further and got us to experience the secondary protagonist of the main game grow up and face her own hardships and self-discovery. The two games tell fantastic stories that are completely enthralling and a joy to witness, but you might find yourself wondering if you should play The Last of Us before The Last of Us Part II.

No need to worry because we are here to give you all of the answers you need, as well as a brief overview of each game to give you more insight.

Should I Play The Last of Us Before The Last of Us Part II?

Yes, you should. Because the games have a special emphasis on the narrative and the characters, it is better to play The Last of Us before The Last of Us Part II. When you experience the original story, it is much easier to flow into the second game and appreciate where the characters are now. Having a basic understanding of the gameplay mechanics from the first game before the second is a plus too.

Should I Play The Last of Us?

The Last of Us came out in 2013 and is set in a dystopian world that has fallen to ruin due to a zombie virus outbreak. The infected are very aggressive and quite fast, with some individuals in advanced stages of decay, making them even more deadly. Humanity has become segmented into groups that establish bases and hold strict rules to make sure no one gets infected.

We play as Joel, a middle-aged man who is a smuggler for the quarantine zones and is tasked with smuggling a teenage girl out of the settlement. He is originally aversive towards her, saying that he doesn’t want to do it, but later they grow on each other and we can see their relationship evolve as the story progresses.

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To progress the story, you have to traverse areas linearly, taking out zombies and humans that want to rob you. There are many ways to approach combat and you can survive in any way you see fit. Resource, management, crafting, looting, and hand-to-hand combat are all key aspects that you have to master in order to complete the game.

Overall, The Last of Us can freely be considered a masterpiece and you should play it, without a doubt.

Should I Play The Last of Us Part II?

All of the key aspects that make the original game what it is are present in The Last of Us Part II. In this game, we play as Ellie, the secondary protagonist of the first game, who is considerably older than before and much more battle-hardened. You can immediately tell by her demeanor that she has seen some s**t and that she is ready for any challenge.

Life for her is quite similar to the way it was before, where she lives in a quarantined settlement with Joel, Joel’s brother Tommy, and many more decent people that are trying to survive just as she is.

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Due to some traumatic experiences that we are not going to spoil in case you’re not informed, Ellie goes on a mission of revenge to find a group of survivors that did the crime. The road to revenge is not an easy one and we’ll see Ellie fighting for her life on more than one occasion, sometimes against more… grotesque enemies.

You’ll see, it’s quite intense! Other than that, some new gameplay mechanics improve upon the original, as well as next-gen graphics to make the whole experience much more enjoyable. If you’re a fan of the first game or a fan of survival games in general, The Last of Us Part II is perfect for you!

How Are They Connected?

The games follow the same storyline set in the same world, except for the fact that the story has moved forward a few years and we see the characters are a bit older. Other than that, they both provide a linear, smooth experience.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a fan of survival games, it would be a true shame to miss out on The Last of Us games. They encompass everything you want from a good survival game, as well as a fantastic story that is hard to get out of. We sincerely hope that you have found all of the answers you were looking for and that you have learned something today!

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