The Yakuza series is extremely popular because of its setting and general gameplay appeal. This is largely due to the fact that the Yakuza are considered to be a serious organization worthy of being feared, so stepping into the shoes of the Yakuza and doing things they might do is quite cool.

Many Yakuza games have been released over the years and most of them have the same gameplay structure, and some new ones were released in recent years — Like A Dragon and Lost Judgment. With all of these choices, you might be wondering if you should play Like A Dragon before Lost Judgment.

Well, don’t worry because we are here to tell you everything you need to know about these intense games!

Should I Play Yakuza: Like A Dragon Before Lost Judgment?

The answer is no. The games are quite similar when it comes to general gameplay but their stories aren’t connected aside from some easter eggs and hints to the rest of the series, so you’re free to jump into the game that has the most appeal for you.

Should I Play Yakuza: Like A Dragon?

When we talk about Yakuza: Like a Dragon, we first have to mention some key differences in the core gameplay aspects that make it different from the rest of the games in the series. In Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the combat system was revamped from the classic beat ’em up to turn-based RPG combat.

This was originally done as a joke but the fans loved the change so much that the developers stuck with it. That is mostly the only thing that is different compared to the other games, with the rest of the game being n open-world wonderland where you can explore as much as you want, complete missions, do side quests, and even partake in some silliness, like karaoke.

Credit: Steam

Other than that, the story is quite interesting and open to a lot of approaches depending on your playstyle and how you want to tackle challenges. If you want to continue playing after you’re done, you also have the New Game+ feature where you can try playing the game at a higher difficulty and enjoy some extra challenges.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a fantastic game that brings all of the aspects of the Yakuza series to the best light and makes for a wonderful RPG experience.

Should I Play Lost Judgment?

Now we get to some interesting spins on the Yakuza series! Lost Judgment is a spin-off of the original Yakuza games and features a detective called Yagami who is tasked with looking into a case of a person accused of some crimes.

The gameplay is quite similar to other Yakuza games because of the free-roaming aspect of it, but also your ability to interact with the environment in any way you see fit so it can lead you to more clues to eventually solve the case. There are many factors in play that can either help you or hinder you, and it is your job to adapt to the situation and come out on top.

Credit: Steam

Overall, Lost Judgment is a fantastic game that encompasses everything the Yakuza series is about and is well worth a playthrough or two.

How Are They Connected?

As we’ve mentioned before, the games aren’t inherently connected besides some easter egg characters and mentions throughout the story of Lost Judgment. This means that you can start playing either of the games and it will be an experience completely free of confusion.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, all of the information about the Japanese gangsters you could wish for! The games are incredible on their own but when you play more than one, it is a great way of experiencing the Yakuza world in full. We sincerely hope that you have found the answers you were looking for and that whichever game you play is an unforgettable experience.

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