Running your stream on multiple platforms simultaneously allows you to increase your exposure and grow your following more rapidly. As a small streamer growth on Twitch is HARD. They have absolutely no discoverability for new creators making it hard to get your channel out there.

If you are not promoting yourself on other platforms it’s unlikely you will ever get anywhere on Twitch. As a new creator, I would recommend starting out with multi-streaming, specifically on Twitch and Youtube.

Let’s look at how you can set this up on the technical side.

Use Restream To Stream On Multiple Platforms

How to Set Up Restream

Restream is an application designed to help you stream on multiple platforms. Using this platform we can stream to Twitch and Youtube at the same time for free. If you want to stream to more than 2 platforms at a time, you will have to use a paid plan.

Restream Set Up Guide

  1. Go to and create an account
  2. On your Dashboard select, set up for “OBS, Zoom etc”
  1. Here you will see an RTMP URL and a Stream key. We need to copy these into OBS or Streamlabs as we will be streaming to restream which will re-distribute our streams on Youtube and Twitch.
  2. Open OBS Studio or your streaming platform of choice and navigate to the stream settings –> Use Stream Key
  3. Select Restream as your service. Either connect your account by logging in or pasting the stream key from earlier
  1. Click “Go live” in your streaming software and your stream will appear in restream.
  1. Now in Restream, select add channel and connect both your Youtube and Twitch accounts.
  2. Toggle on the channels you want to stream to.

You are now successfully streaming on multiple platforms at once. There are some downsides to the free plan of restream. You are unable to remove the restream branding and can only add two platforms at once.

If you are serious about streaming on multiple platforms then a restream subscription is well worth it. As of the time of writing it costs $19/month to stream on 5 platforms at once and remove the restream branding.

While restream is probably the best multi-streaming platform out there, there are a few other competitors in the market.

Other Multi-Stream Softwares

Below is a few other software you can use to stream on multiple platforms at the same time.

Streamlabs Prime

Streamlabs allows you to multi-stream directly from their software however you are required to have their premium Streamlabs Prime Service. Streamlabs prime also costs $19 a month.

If you already use Streamlabs to manage your stream then we would recommend going with Streamlabs prime for multi-streaming as well. You may as well keep everything in one software.

Follow the steps below to use multistreaming on Streamlabs:

  1. Sign up for Streamlabs Prime
  2. Navigate to settings in Streamlabs
  3. Select Stream. Connect your Youtube, Twitch and other platforms you want to stream on.
  1. Close the settings tab and click on “Go Live”
  2. On the left side, toggle on the destinations you want to stream to

You can now go live and successfully be streaming on multiple platforms.

Streamlabs automatically groups all of your chats into one so you can communicate effectively between platforms.

Are you Allowed To Multi-stream On Twitch?

If you are in the Twitch affiliate program they will still not allow you to stream on two platforms simultaneously so we wouldn’t recommend signing up for it. Instead focus on getting monetised on Youtube where you can stream, post long-form content and shorts.

You can multi-stream to Twitch to continue interacting with existing fans and some fans may prefer the viewing experience on Twitch. To do this you will have to avoid signing a Twitch affiliate or partner agreement.

Benefits Of Streaming on Multiple Platforms

There are a number of main benefits when it comes to multi-streaming, especially since Youtube has massively improved its streaming platform.


The main benefit is exposure. Streaming on more than one platform gives you access to a much larger audience. Unlike Twitch, Youtube and Tik Tok have great discoverability. Even if you are a small channel you still have a chance to get discovered on these platforms if your content is good.

Nowadays it is a must to be present on more than one platform if you want to grow fast.

Each Platform Will Attract A Different Audience

Different platforms have different audiences. Some people on Tik Tok may never go on Youtube or Twitch but you can still gain them as a fan by streaming where they hang out. They are likely to come back and watch your live streams on Tik Tok but probably won’t convert from a Tik Tok video to watching your live streams on Twitch.

By streaming on both platforms you can keep these people in your audience. That means extra reach, more eyeballs on your content and bigger revenue and sponsorship deals.

More Ways To Make Money

While streaming on multiple platforms you have many more ways to make money:

  • More reach – Bigger Brand Deals and Merch Sales
  • Youtube has Super Chats and Members
  • Twitch Has Subs and Bits
  • Tik Tok Has live gifts

These are all extra ways to make money while streaming which can add up nicely over time.

Wrapping Up

Multi-streaming is an excellent way for new streamers to get more exposure by doing the same amount of work they currently are doing. If you aren’t looking to be a part of the Twitch Affiliate program then multi-streaming and putting your main focus on Youtube is the way to go.

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