If you want to make your stream room look amazing, one thing you should think about is your camera background. Having a messy bed and rubbish lying all around your room isn’t very appealing to a viewer. Luckily, you only need the section of your room that is in frame to look good.

So, what can you add to your background to make your stream look great and stand out from other streamers? In this article we are going to go through some of the best things you can add to your stream background to make your room look amazing. Let’s jump in.

14 Best Stream Background Ideas

Custom Neon Lights

We all know that glowing neon and RGB lights are a fan favorite of streamers. One of the coolest things you can add to your stream background is a custom neon light. The light can be your name or your brand name. You can even get them made in the shape of your logo.

These signs look great on camera and also give off a great looking glow in your room. It really sets the vibe of your stream. The only downside is, they can get quite expensive depending on the amount of detail and the size of the sign. We think it’s worth it though.

Neon Lights For Streamers - Customized
Credit: Etsy Store Manhattan Neons


This may seem like a simple option but in our opinion it is one of the best. Having some sort of shelving unit behind you, filled with your favorite items, is a great way to show off your personality.

Lot’s of streamers have shelves filled with funko pops, game collections, figurines and more. You can add your own items to your shelf to make a backdrop for your stream. You may already having some shelving that you can position behind your stream or you can purchase a cheap shelf from Amazon. Below is some of our favorites.

LED Lighting

We are including this here as it looks great when paired with something like shelving. Again, RGB lighting can really just set the tone of your room. It’s also extremely cheap to purchase the light strips.

You can add these strips to pretty much anything behind you on stream. Some people add them around the corners of their room, behind a monitor/tv or add them to a shelving unit.

RGB Floodlight

While these lights are actually intended for outside, they work great for lighting up the background of your stream. They are really cheap compared to something like a Phillips hue but get the job done.

Even if you have something as simple as a white wall behind you, adding one of these lights will make your stream look so much better for very little money.

Cardboard Cut Outs

Have a favorite actor or potentially another streamer you play with? How about getting a cardboard cut out of them for your stream. This can be a funny way to add some depth to your stream and create a story arch around the character. You can pretty much get cutouts of all famous people and some companies do custom cut outs as well.

Green Screen

If your room is messy and you don’t want to deal with decorating your background you can just use a green screen instead.

A green screen allows you to add any background you want to your stream without actually having to create that background. You can either just remove your background completely so it is only your body/head on the screen or you can add an image behind you.

Funko Pops & Figurines

Funko pops, lego, figurines are all great items to add to your background. Obviously they look great on a shelf as we mentioned earlier. If you are a collector, then you should show off your collection on stream. It can make for an interesting talking point on your stream and drive more engagement, especially is you have a significant collection.

Posters & Canvases

Just like figurines, posters and canvases are a great way to share your personality with your stream. Add some posters on the wall behind you with your favorite movies or games. They look great aesthetically and are also a great talking point to engage with your viewers.

Posters can be really cheap and you can even get custom posters made on Etsy if you want to add something based around your brand.

White Board

Adding a white board is a great way to add some interaction to your stream. You can add top donators or the people who gift the most subs to the board.

People love to compete for a Top spot, no matter what the challenge is. Having a white board name spot for the top donators or donators of the day will likely result in more donations on your stream.

Nano Leaf Panels

You have probably noticed these panels in lots of other streams. Nanoleaf panels are the original RGB light panels. They look amazing in any background. You can customize the layout of your panels to be in the shape of your logo or name.

The only downside of the Nanoleaf panels is the price. They are quite expensive if you are on a budget however there are other similar, cheaper brands available as well.

Mini Fridge

Do you have an energy drink addiction or a drink sponsor? Adding a mini fridge to your backdrop is a great way to show off them cans. You also won’t have to run downstairs the next time you want a drink. Just pull it out of your mini fridge.

We would recommend purchasing one with a glass door however you may choose to purchase some other style of fridge.


Adding a Monitor or TV behind you on stream is a great way to showcase content on your stream. Rather than showing the video as a scene in Streamlabs you can showcase it on your monitor behind you. This gives your stream a more unique aspect than other streamers out there.


This might not be a normal item you would see on other lists out there however plants can add some depth to your stream. Some really cool setups use plants and I think it looks amazing. Bring a little bit of nature into your streaming room.

Check out this setup below that has used plants and looks great.

Ikea Items

If you are still struggling for ideas for your backdrop I would recommend taking a trip to Ikea. Just by walking around Ikea you will find some really interesting little items you can add to your stream.

Pick up some items that fit in with your brand and add it to your stream background.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. Hopefully this list has gave you some great ideas for your streaming room background. Let us know what your audience thinks the first day you go live with your new setup. You’ll be sure to get some serious engagement if you add some of these ideas to your background.

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