Who Is Summit1G?

Summit1G is an OG on Twitch. He signed up to the platform back in 2011 and streamed regularly since 2013. He was big into the CS:GO competitive space however stepped back from it in 2017. He now solely focuses on streaming and would be best known as a variety streamer on the platform.

He signed a multi-year exclusive contract with Twitch in 2020 which contributed nicely to his estimated Net Worth. Let’s jump in and take a look at how much Summit1G is currently making on Twitch and Youtube.

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Summit1G Stream Gear

Summit1G Gaming PC Setup

Summit1G Stream Setup In Detail

What Mouse Does Summit1G Use?

Summit1G uses the Finalmouse x Ninja Air58.

Finalmouse x Ninja Air58 is a mouse that was a limited run. It was a collaboration with one of the biggest streamers, Ninja – and nowadays it can no longer be purchased since there are no more available to buy. If you really want to get your hands on one, you can look for one on Amazon or Ebay, but you’d have to get past the sticker shock since many are trying to sell at high markup for the collectors.

What Keyboard Does Summit1G Use?

Summit1G uses the Corsair K70.

This is a large keyboard which comes with a full extended num pad and is also RGB backlit. This looks great in any stream setup however you want to make sure you have the desk space for it.

In terms of key switches this keyboard uses Cherry MX mechanical key switches.

The keyboard can also store custom lighting profiles on board as it has 8MB of storage. This means you don’t need any extra software on your PC.

What Monitor Does Summit1G Use?

Summit1G is using the Samsung Odyssey G7.

The Samsung Odyssey G7 is a 27 inch curved monitor that has WQHD resolution. At 2560 x 1440, this monitor’s display is quite stunning, making it a great choice for power users. Besides the WQHD resolution, this monitor is also 240 Hz. It’s quite a demanding display to run, so it’s important to have a strong GPU to keep up.

Beside the resolution and being 240 Hz, this monitor also boasts 1ms response time. It also has both G-Sync and FreeSync.

What Webcam Does Summit1G Use?

Summit1G uses the Logitech c922.

The Logitech C922x is a great streaming webcam. This is the newer model of the popular C920 Logitech webcam which is massively popular among streamers. It is affordable and great quality especially if you only plan to use it as a face cam on your stream. With some good lighting this camera is more than good enough to have a great looking stream. It runs 1080p at 30 FPS or 720p at 60 FPS depending on your preference.

Wrapping Up Summit1G Stream Setup

This is all the info we currently have on Summit1G stream setup. If you have any more info on his PC or peripherals please let us know in the comments so we can keep this article up to date.

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