Full Name Lane Roberts
Date Of Birth14 November, 1994
TeamLos Angles Gladiators
Twitch Followers421,000
Surefour Overwatch 2 Settings

Surefour Career History

Lane “Surefour” Roberts had his introduction to gaming a long time back, playing alongside his dad. He came up with his name when Xbox randomly suggested “Surefour”, and he has stuck with it ever since! He has come a long way indeed, gaining a following of 421,000 on Twitch.

Surefour started playing CoD, CS, and Team Fortress 2, until he eventually started competing in games like Overwatch (became the first person to reach the 80 skill rating in competitive play in the first season of Overwatch), Dirtybomb, and Titanfall.

You might know about Lane thanks to his insane plays as a DPS, to be more specific, his precision with Widowmaker. When the team needs him, he’s there to provide an adequate amount of damage to push through to a victory. Surefour manages to track his enemies in the field, even keeping up with faster heroes like Tracer, with a sensitivity of 2 and a 3200 DPI.

Surefour Overwatch 2 Settings – Mouse Settings

cm = 360°43.30
Zoom Sensitivity40
Surefour Overwatch 2 Mouse Settings

Surefour Overwatch 2 Settings – Crosshair Settings

Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length0
Center Gap30
Outline Opacity100
Dot Size6
Dot Opacity100
Surefour Overwatch Crosshair Settings

Surefour Overwatch 2 Settings – Video Settings

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Graphics QualityLow
Surefour Overwatch 2 Video Settings

Surefour PC Specs

CPUIntel Core i9-9900K
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce RTX 2080
Surefour PC Specs

Surefour Setup Peripherals

MonitorASUS ROG Swift
MouseLogitech G403
KeyboardMK Disco TKL RGB

Wrapping Up

Surefour, like most other pro players, goes all out on his FPS, and lowers the graphic settings to reduce any unwanted distractions and focus on the most important aspects of the game only. Since he’s an all-rounder when it comes to DPS characters, he has a sensitivity of 2, which may change to 6 depending on heroes that rely heavily on mobility (like Genji).

Although Surefour’s fame can be attributed to his amazing plays in Overwatch, it’s also worth mentioning that he is one of the kindest and most professional players in the community. He was overwhelmed with success initially but managed to keep his wits intact with proper guidance which has made him into the beloved icon that we know him as today.

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