Full NameChristopher Sexton
Date of BirthJuly 2, 1999
NationalityUnited States
AliasesSweetdreams, GLANCER, LOCKEDIN
TeamNRG Esports
Twitch Followers761K
Sweetdreams Bio

Who Is Sweetdreams?

Christopher Sexton, more commonly known as Sweetdreams within the video game community is an American professional Apex Legends player, streamer, and content creator.

He began his professional career back in 2019 and since then has won numerous tournaments and awards including first place at the FFL – Global Challenge #1 as well as 1st place at the Samsung Odyssey Invitational. He was also nominated as one of 3 finalists for ‘Best IGL NA’ for ALGS Season 1 by media outlet Esports.gg’s Apex Legends awards.

Nowadays he can be seen streaming regularly on Twitch to his audience of 761K followers.

Sweetdreams Apex Legends Video Settings

When it comes to video settings, Sweetdreams chooses to set all of the options to the lowest setting or completely turn them off in order to increase framerates and performance. This is extremely common among professional Apex Legends players.

Display ModeFullscreen
Aspect Ratio16:9 (native)
Field of View110
Color Blind ModeOff
Sprint View ShakeMinimal
Nvidia ReflexEnabled + Boost
Adaptive Resolution FPS Target0
Adaptive SupersamplingDisabled
Texture Streaming BudgetMedium (3GB VRAM)
Texture FilteringBilinear
Ambient Occlusion QualityDisabled
Sun Shadow CoverageLow
Sun Shadow DetailLow
Spot Shadow DetailDisabled
Volumetric LightingDisabled
Dynamic Spot ShadowsDisabled
Model DetailMedium
Effects DetailLow
Impact MarksDisabled
Sweetdreams Apex Legends Video Settings

Sweetdreams Mouse Settings

Sweetdreams chooses to customize his mouse settings to fit his personal playing style and preferences which is what you would expect to see from a professional such as himself. At closer inspection, we can see that Sweetdreams sets his DPI to 800 and sensitivity to 1.2, both of which are within the standard parameters when it comes to professional players.

Polling Rate1000Hz
Mouse Sensitivity1.2
ADS Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier1.0
Mouse AccelerationOff
Mouse InvertOff
Lighting EffectsOn
Sweetdreams Mouse Settings

Sweetdreams’s Keybinds

Similar to his mouse settings, Sweetdreams customizes his keybinds to fit his personal needs and preferences. While a good portion of his settings are the default Apex Legends keybinds, he has made a few alterations which you can see below.

SprintLeft Shift
JumpSpace Bar
Crouch (Toggle)X
Crouch (Hold)Left Ctrl
Tactical AbilityQ
Ultimate AbilityZ
Alternate InteractNot Bound
Toggle Fire ModeT
Aim Down Sight (Toggle)Not Bound
Aim Down Sight (Hold)Right Click
Cycle WeaponMouse Wheel Down
Equip Weapon 11
Equip Weapon 22
Holster Weapons3
Equip GrenadeG
Use Selected Health Item4
Use SyringeCaps Lock
Use Med Kit6
Use Shield Cell7
Use Shield Battery8
Use Phoenix Kit9
Character Utility ActionH
Inspect WeaponN
Sweetdreams Keybinds

Sweetdreams Gaming PC Specs

Sweetdreams uses very high-end components in his gaming PC. His gaming PC features an Intel I9-9900K overclockable CPU paired up with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card. Sweetdreams has not shared any other information regarding the components of his gaming PC, however, based on the components that we are familiar with, it is safe to assume that his other components are of similar quality.

CPUIntel i9-9900K
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce RTX 3090
Power SupplyUnknown
Sweetdreams Gaming PC

Sweetdreams Streaming PC Specs

Sweetdreams uses a dual setup for creating and streaming his content. This means that he has separate computers dedicated to gaming and streaming. While not as powerful as his gaming PC, his streaming PC features some high-end components including an Intel i7-7700K CPU and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super GPU.

CPUIntel i7-7700K
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super
Power SupplyUnknown
Sweetdreams Streaming PC

Sweetdreams Gaming Peripherals

Sweetdreams is one of the biggest streamers out there and as such, he uses a lot of high-end equipment and peripherals. For more information, check out the list below.

MonitorAlienware AW2518H
HeadsetBose QuietComfort 20
Mouse PadArtisan Zero XSoft XL Black
MouseFinalmouse Starlight-12 Hades
MicrophoneShure SM7B
KeyboardHyperX Alloy FPS Pro
MixerBehringer Xenyx X1204USB
CameraSony Alpha A6000
ChairHerman Miller x Logitech G Embody
Sweetdreams Gaming Peripherals

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. Those are the settings Sweetdreams is using to dominate in Apex Legends right now. Give them a go and see if they suit your playstyle.

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