You may have seen some of the bigger streamers on Twitch using text-to-speech to increase donations on their stream however as a small streamer it doesn’t seem viable. If you’re averaging 10-20 viewers having a donation-based text-to-speech will likely not result in a huge amount of activity.

That’s where channel points come in. In this article, we are going to show you how your viewers can redeem text to speech with channel points instead of cash which can be a fun addition to your stream. Normally most channel point ideas are pretty rubbish but this one actually gives viewers a good perk to redeem and it can make for some funny moments on your stream.

How To Trigger TTS With Channel Points

How To Set Up Text To Speech With Channel Points

Let’s go step by step through setting this up on your Twitch channel. There is three steps to setting this up.

  • Add channel points to your channel
  • Use a tool to create Text to speech
  • Link to Streamlabs/OBS

Step 1 – Add Channel Points To Your Channel

First, we need to enable channel points on our Twitch channel.

Go to Creator Dashboard –>Viewer Rewards –> Channel Points

Click on Manage Rewards and Challenges –> Create Custom Reward

We then need to name our Reward. I have called mine “TTS” and given it a description “Redeem this to send a text to speech donation”. Make sure that ‘Require Viewer To Enter Text’ is enabled.

You then need to give your reward a cost. I would recommend making this around 2 hours worth of points which would be about 440 points however you can make it as many or as few points as you want.

At this point, you are also able to add some cool downs and limits to how much your viewers are able to redeem text to speech.

Redemption Cooldown Time – If you set this to 10 mins this means that TTS will only be able to be redeemed once every ten minutes.

Limit Redemptions Per Stream – Set this to the max amount of times in a stream that TTS can be redeemed. If you set this to 10 your viewers will only be able to collectively redeem 10 total TTS rewards per stream.

Limit Redemptions Per User Per Stream – This is the max amount of times a single viewer can redeem a TTS reward.

Step 2 – Set Up Text To Speech Tool

We now need to set up our Text to speech tool called Isaiah Creati’s Bot. This bot has lots of features we can use on our stream for free including Text to speech with channel points.

Click here to check out the bot

Click on login with Twitch and then you will be presented with a Dashboard showing the enabled channel point rewards you have on your channel.

Select the Text to Speech reward we previously created and click on edit.

This will pull up a box like this outlining the reward. We now want to select add feature.

This will pull up a dropdown where we want to select Text-to-speech. You can also change your text to speech voice (some of these may become premium features in the future), add a character limit and change the volume the text to speech is read at.

At the bottom you will have an option to add in a banned words list. I recommend adding in any words you do not want to be said on your stream by trolls.

After setting this up make sure to click save settings.

Step 3 – Adding Your TTS To OBS/Streamlabs

The final step is now adding this to OBS/Streamlabs so that the Text to Speech can be heard on your stream.

In the bot select Show Alert URL. We want to then copy this URL to our clipboard.

Now you want to open up Streamlabs or OBS and add a new source. You then want to select Browser Source and name it Text To Speech.

Replace the default URL with the Alert Url from the bot. Make sure to have Control audio via OBS selected as this will allow you to turn down the volume or mute certain TTS messages. Select Done and your TTS will now be enabled in your stream.

If you want to mute certain TTS messages immediately you can set up a hot key to mute the TTS audio in your mixer.

How To TTS On Twitch With RewardTTS

There is also a second service on the market called RewardTTS. This app also allows you to set up Text To Speech using channel points as well as many other text speech features.

You can check out all of the features below:

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article has helped you to set up text to speech on your stream using channel points. If you find that you are getting spammed set the cool-down options to lower the amount of TTS you are getting. Hopefully, this is a fun addition to your stream and makes for some hilarious moments on your stream.

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